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Free Ipods, and a bribe

OK, you know how I mentioned that free Ipod gimmick in a previous post (and to which there is still an ad on the right)? Well, I am getting closer to completing it and I’m dying to do so, so I have an little proposition for you all.

For those of you who sign up for it and complete the one required offer (such as applying for a credit card and using it to buy anything at all just once when you get it, which is what I did), I will reward you with a rare Spontaneous Combustion records release. I have a few copies of The Cheifs 7″ on pink vinyl, of which there was only 26 of them made. I also have a GI 7″ with a handmade sleeve of which there was only 20 made (and they were numbered). There may be some other types of rarities available when I dig thru the office and see what turns up. My account on there lets me know who signs up and who actually completes the offers. This act of bribery is limited to however many people required are left in order to complete the gimmick. Once mine is full, I’ll leave that ad up for awhile and change the referral URLs to rotate between those who send me their links in order to help them get a free Ipod as well.

For those who are interested, please click here. Also, for those in fear of spam (I have not received a single piece since I have signed up), I have plenty of Gmail invites to give away so you can use one of those. OK, whoring complete, now back to yr regularly scheduled punk rock.

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  • Hope it works out for you, I could sure use a new iPod! Here’s a link to my account if you’d be kind enough to link once you get enough referals.


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