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Wow, what an asshole

I used to go around a lot when I was younger saying, “there is always someone there to let you down”. And I think that particular bout of wisdom couldn’t ring truer on more occasions than any other phrase you could come up with. Allow me to share a recent story with you about someone who did just that. This isn’t so much a tragic tale, I had no real emotional involvement in it other than a perceived friendship, but it is more one of those “what the fuck is that all about?!, they truly are crazy!” type stories.

Though the act of blogging, I met what seemed like a really rad girl who was one of my regular readers and had a blog of her own. I won’t give out said person’s name, there is no sense in putting her over, even in a negative light. She seemed to be a like-minded individual and had some damn good taste in music in a lot of instances. We emailed back and forth a few times and then ended up starting to chat via IM. I spent a lot of long hours chatting with her on IM and the more I got to know her, the cooler she seemed and we also seemed to have a fair amount in common. We sent pix back and forth and sent each other songs too. The girl also seemed to like me as she even told me some of the songs I sent her made her want to make out with me. “Jackpot!”, I thought, cuz this girl was really a fine looking lass and really fun to talk to. It was just too bad she lived on the other end of this country.

So this went on for a few weeks and I was thinking, “man, someday when I have a job again I can afford it, I’d like to meet this person for real and hang out with her”. She seemed to fell the same way based on the things she would say to me. Then one day she just vanished. She stopped coming on the IM or at least blocked me. After awhile I emailed her to ask her if she was still alive and why she just vanished and she just responded with some sort of smart-ass answer and that was really the last time I heard from her. It turned out she had a boyfriend (a fact she finally revealed on her blog), something she seemed to leave out in our many long conversations, even when directly asked the question. I thought it was pretty childish to lie about such a thing, not to mention it is of questionable morals to have a fella, yet spend hours chatting with some dude on the internet and telling him you fancy making out with him someday, but I didn’t see why you couldn’t be friends with someone. It isn’t like we were dating, we were just two friends chatting on the internet.

So I’d send a sporadic email her way to see just what her problem was and why she decided to just completely stop talking to me (even though she was still reading my blog, though no longer commenting on it as evidenced by my referral tracker), but I never got any response. I noticed yesterday that now the links to my two sites were removed from her blogroll, which to me seems like a pretty assholish thing to do, as was the entire episode really. It’s not like I’m over here losing sleep about the whole thing, it really just didn’t make any sense to me and was a letdown that here I thought I made a pretty kick-ass friend who if she lived in my state, would probably end up hanging out with me a lot and going to tons of shows, and it turned out the dame must be a little mental, or maybe just an asshole. It is pretty rare that I would refer to a girl as an asshole, it takes a special breed of bitchiness or a special act of blatant rudeness directed at me to earn such a title, and in my book, this would be one of them.

So ends my strange tale. I guess I’ll never know what prompted the girl to just decide literally overnight that I was no longer worthy of speaking to, but what I do know is that I have no tolerance for flakes and assholes, and I’ll make plenty of other new friends who won’t turn out to fit that mold. Its just a shame that I ever have to meet people like that at all as it is just a giant waste of time.


  • Well… atleast you found out she had a boyfriend…

    That was pretty lame of her – I mean HELLO – was she ashamed? I don’t know but seems childish and unstable.

    I always heard if it seems to good to be true, it likely is.

  • Yeah, that’s happened to me quiet a few times. I guess I’m different than those internet people because I wouldn’t just stop talking to someone suddenly like that. I treat people I know online the same way I treat people in real life. I wouldn’t just stop talking to someone without a good reason or explaination.

  • PM – It wouldn’t have mattered to me in the end that she had a boyfriend, like I said at the very least I thought I had made a pretty cool friend who was a lot of fun to talk to.

    Sarah – I am exactly the same way, I treat people online the same as my friends I see in person. A friend in a friend and I don’t like being shitty to people. Plus I too would let someone know if I was going to stop talking to them and give them a reason, such as if they wronged me in some way.

  • Just a thought, maybe the boyfriend is the metal asshole and making her remove the links and stop chatting. The problem is you will probaly never know unles she starts talking to you again. That really sucks…..


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