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R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero rest in piece

Koga just emailed me the shocking news that Eddie Guerrero died at the far too young age of 38! It is believed he suffered a heart attack while in his hotel room. This is really shocking and very sad, Eddie was one of the most entertaining people in the WWE and one of the only reasons to watch smackdown. He will be sorely missed by not only me, but by millions of WWE and wrestling fans around the world.

You can read about Eddie’s career on the WWE website.


  • This is far too sad a story. Eddie was a true star and always entertaining. My heart goes out to his wife and 3 daughters.

  • eddie was one of the best wrestlers in wwe!!! he will surely be missed by alot and rememberd often Rest In Peace eddie we all love you


  • Eddie Guerrero is one of the best wrestler’s in WWE, Eddie will always be remember form all of his fans.I will pray for his wife, 3 daughter’s and his son.R.I.P, Shannabug #1 FAN

  • eddie,you were my inspiration,i do martial arts,the way you kept goin in the ring non stop,motivates me everytime i see you go out there,they say your dead,this may be true,but the legacy you left behind makes you immortal.
    the tribute john cena did for you said it all eddie….you are a legend thats an eternal champion,we’ll all miss you,and keep shakin the shoulders for you till its our time to leave also,and hopefully we’ll finally meet some time ese vato!

    rest in peace,Eddie..


  • Eddie Guerrero is a man who had a big heart and he showed it everytime he performed in the ring. This man poured his heart out to perform and entertain the fans. Eddie you are truly a champion and you will always be a champ and the name Latino Heat will live for ever! R.I.P. amigo!

  • I just want to say that that Eddie was one of a kind. As a fan I will miss him. My prayers go out to Mrs. Vickie, Shaul, Sherilyn, and Kaylie Marie. I just want to also say thank-you for letting Eddie be a part of our lives. He will be missed.He will always be WWE Champion in my book!!#1 always and for-ever. RIP Eddie

  • rest in peace eddie guerrero you will be remembered by a lot of people you are in there prayers to. he waas one of the best wrestler in thre business i love u all

    viva la raza

  • We miss you so much EDDIE. We really love Eddie. Eddie really good man and good family. Eddie is always keeps fight
    his heart and Eddie really good fight and hard win. Eddie is best person and good Laughing. But who I am deaf and I really enjoyed watching you. My Fav. is Eddie and all Friends. I feeling hard for him. I am 21 years old and i always love watching evertime night. I really want meeting
    him and Friends. I really miss you and goodbye

  • We will miss you eddie, you left us with memories. thank you eddie!!you were a awesome wrestler, you made the fans laugh and you brought smiles to everyone!! R.I.P Eddie Guerrero aka Latino Heat

  • To: The Guerrero family,
    From: The Lillo/Serball family.
    “Hi” my name is Jasmine A. Serball with great sadness of Eddie Guerrero. there’s no words that my family and i can come up with. while i was on my school computer i found a poem that would be great for your family. it’s call Loving Eyes By Thomas Dunne.
    Everybody is looking for those eyes, that things completes our lives, to have those eyes look into mine, you’re stealing my heart, but committing no crime.
    So let me hold you close, let me feel your heart beat, losing you is what i fear most, so look at me with those loving eyes, eyes of honestly…with no lies.
    Run away with my heart, i’m opening it up to you, opening it to a love that’s true fearing hurt but pleasantly surprised, i feel loved, everytime i look into your eyes!

    P.S. when you find the time instead of sending a comment to via e-mail could you mail me at
    Jasmine A. Serball
    4001 Robert Ave DN
    Cleveland, Ohio, 44109

    Jasmine A. Serball / LILLO Family
    Viva La Raza

  • Latinos Heart for Eddie Guerrero we will miss him alot u are the best and u have a true heart as a wrestler U Are always a legend and will me.

  • he died because he feel into a deep sleep and he had a heart faluire um eddie was latino heat and he was really funny and the most thing i remember was his smile and laugh and his wrestling moves and i will miss eddie guerrero so much and i wanna say thank you eddie i will miss you eddie was a strong man and and very smart and his smile lit up the hole room and arena and i will miss eddie rest in peace eddie

  • if he died in his sleep how was he on the floor. i love u eddie 4eva rip latino heat ~lie~ ~cheat~ steal

    ~rest~ ~in~ ~peace~

  • how did eddie guerrero died???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Eddie over-came all the odds. He came back from doing drugs to being a legend to all of his fans.Latino Heat always came out and gave his fans what they wanted. He was one of the best wrestlers to ever enter the ring. You hear about Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, and all the other lengends,now Eddie is just like them. Eddie will always be immortal to all of his fans. We will always remember Eddie as one of the many legends to enter the ring. Latino Heat will live forever in all of the wrestling fans hearts.

    by:Nathan and C.J.
    P.S. How did he die??????????????????

  • Yes, you were right about Eddie Guerrero he was famous wrestler and about his life and his story but, I will miss him very much and I won’t forget him and bless them thier family and friend who miss very much
    R.I.P. Eddie

  • viva la raza. i just found out yesterday of the death of one of the greatest wrestlers and showmen of all time. i’ll never forget the funny antics that he got up to. he was fantastic and will be sorely missed. my condolences go to his wife and his three daughters. eddie when you see owen hart please give him a frogsplash and tell him how much he’s missed also :p

  • I will miss u so much Eddie at least ur in a better place now.. U were the best wrestler. If u could only have seen what John Cena did when he beat RKO it was totally AWESOME i cried when Batista started crying. We will miss u so much
    Love u eddie 🙁

  • RIP Eddie Guerrero you will be missed we love you very much even though you are not with us no more you are in our hearts. you still live in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless him and his family. my best wishes to you.

  • Eddie…rest in peace my friend. You will forever be remembered.

    God bless your family.


  • eddie we wil miss u and we love u a lot!!! rip remember that we love u!!!! u will always be in our hearts!!! latino heat 4 life!!!

  • I think that drug command was wrong. i think eddie was a good person and he made smackdown the best ever. I couldn’t believe my friends when they told me that eddie was dead is just so shocking. I wish he was still her because alot of people misses him even me. I cried when i watched smackdown friday because eddie was fully known every one loved him. Well you rest in peace eddie because just remember you was love. I’m sorry for his wife and kids because it’s just so sudden, but eddie you are in a better place love you!!


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