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Attention would be thieves

In case there may have been any question in the mind of all these image stealing assholes, let me make something perfectly clear.



I just discovered a bunch of offenders. Christ people, doesn’t a copyright mean anything these days?! I didn’t spend my time going to shows and taking photos to spruce up other people’s websites unless they want to pay me for them!

Fuck, if I had the time and money, I’d do a Jay and Silent Bob and travel all over the place to give these people a much deserved beating.


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  • “I’m just amused by your selective application of copyright law.”

    Hey man, the selective application of law is what America is all about! Why are you for the terrorists?

  • There are two distinct issues here. One is the copyright law and all the attendant clusterfuck of legal and ethical opinion. What is “mine” after I place it (as a previous commenter said) on every copy machine in the world? The second issue, the one that pisses me off, is the hotlinking issue. I live on acknowledgement of my efforts, so when people are too lazy or ignorant to credit me for my work, and charge me for their shitty webdesign, I get mad. Here’s what I do now; maybe not the most mature response, but I have an unlimited supply of porn.

  • If there is anyone in Phoenix, Arizona stealing from you please let me know through your blog and I will give the scoundrels a more thourough beating than Dave gave that Nazi Fuck the War Baby years ago. The world is not going, no it has gone to hell in a handbasket. Actually that metaphor does not work. Hell is a much better blace than this shitsville that humans have made.

  • Hotlinking and stealing images is evil and should be punishable by eyeball stabbing; you’ll have none of that from me. I do some art & press for Toxic Reasons and would like permission to use your photos (great shots btw) should occasion arise. Credit given however you specify of course. Hit me back on email if that’s cool. Thanks!

  • The easiest solution is to just disable hotlinking without permission. You should even be able to generate a log of sites/addresses thhat attmept to hotlink. That doesn’t prevent downloading and reposting, but it’s an easy fix to the hotlinking problem

  • MXV…
    This is Mark from Mystic (and Teacherz). I Just thought I’d check out your website. Its pretty impressive. I liked the comment that one guy had about Doug Moody and Herald Records. Do they know He also discovered Led Zeppelin and helped break The Beatles in America? Anyway, I hope you are feeling better. Great Website, Keep it up!

  • I have become very paranoid in recent months about giving ANYONE any pictures. I have been asked via email to release my candids to people – “Oh that’s me in that photo, can I have a copy?” or “I am so and so’s brother and would like a copy of that photo” How do I know who the hell these people are?! I don’t! This is not like it was in the old days when we saw people face to face and could visually verify who they were and if we didn’t know them, we could ask someone, “hey do you know this person?” In the world of the internet, anyone can masquerade behind an email address as whoever they want. How can I trust that someone is who they say they are and is really working on a book and needs my photos, or someone is just a thief? I had a crazy guy after the Misfits photos on my website and I don’t own the photos, the original photographer gave the photos to me for my website but I can’t even secure the safety of the photos being donated to me. This is a big problem; I’ve had to basically adopt a policy of not giving my photos to anyone, which is very sad because maybe people are honestly working on books and really would have published them in a book. I mean, for a purpose like that, I would give permission to use my photos, but I have no way of verifying who people are via the internet or if they are sincere in their intentions.

    As for MXV, what he is doing is standard procedure in academia. You make all reasonable efforts to locate and secure permission from original owners and if not, then you can use the material and cite the source. That is what I did in my master’s thesis. Perfectly legal and the accepted norm in academia.

  • Stressing out is not good….stressing out over a picture is definatly not good….wtf…share brother!

    peace out

  • A couple weeks ago the hotlinking started yet again! with Myspace users. Well we were pulling our hair out because the code was still in place to block it. Finally after trying many versions of the code, we deleted the file (that the code goes into) completely and remade the file. Now it’s working fine again. So just thought I would pass this along if it happens to anyone else. Delete the file and recreate it with the blocking code.

  • How can I hotlink them darn Misfits photos from the flipsidefanzine site??? I’ve been trying for about a year now, without any luck. If you can help me Michele, please tell me how? Thanks

  • i tend to use photos from a bands official site in my fanzine if I do articles or interviews with them, seems fair, if I’m giving them space in my zine I don’t think it does any harm. One guy printed some reviews I’d written in his zine which did piss me off. He later stated where he had got them from. I’m anti copy write as long as people state their source.

  • The comments between Marie and Michele and mentioning me, re issue of copyrights and photos vs fine art, is bullshit.

    ALL photos are copyrighted the moment we take them. Who is to say what is fine art? There’s simply NO legal precedent for that.

    NO ONE can determine what is art. I can display a photo in an art gallery and it’s fine art. That same photo can be published in magazines for editorial usage. A photo is fine art is a photo is fine art.

    MOST of my photos ARE NOT POSED. I made a point of shooting people in the act of whatever they are doing. So that blows apart that supposition.

    See the slippery slope if anyone follows that kind of illogical thought?

    The biggest issue we face has to do w/celeb rights of privacy. We can’t use our photos for merch like t-shirts, calendars, etc. But selling a photo as a piece of art is fine. We can sell 150 photos, but not mass produced posters.

    I’ve studied this and conferred with many copyright attorneys for nearly two decades.

    I am shocked that an attorney who knows NOTHING about copyrights would share such false information when it can be readily investigated via the net, other photographers and attorneys who know better.

    The part about not needing model releases from performers is correct. Obtaining photo releases from fans and others could be problematic. However, many would say they had the right to ask not to be photographed and since they allowed themselves to be photographed, they gave up the right to object later.

    If we all had to get releases of everyone we shot in all rock shows, we wouldn’t have books, docs, etc filled with photos. Do you think one person has EVER asked me for a signed release before using my photos? No.

    Who the hell is to say who is skilled or not? I earned art degrees, but never took a photography class. I barely knew how to put film in my camera or how to develop film.

    ALL MY PHOTOS are copyrighted. ALL Marie’s and Michelle’s are copyrighted.

    Next time, do your homework before scaring people!

  • Hey Jenny, can I steal some of your photos for a book I am doing???? Hahahaha…just kidding.


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