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It’s been awhile since I really wrote anything of a personal nature so I figure its long overdue. My xmas this year was far different than previous years since I didn’t have the funds to travel, or to buy anyone any gifts. This meant I didn’t make the annual trip to Boston, MA to visit my sister. While I certainly didn’t miss the pain in the ass of shopping, I did feel bad that I couldn’t get anyone anything because truth be told, there are plenty of people, both family and friends, that I’d like to have bought gifts for. My friends and family have been nothing short of incredibly generous and kind to me this year and certainly deserve something nice to come their way.

So Xmas day I went over to see my Uncle, Aunt and Cousins to have dinner and watch a movie. My Uncle and I watched Godzilla: Final Wars, which was pretty good, but not as good as previous G-films. If they cut out all that hokey Matrix inspired stuff with the humans, the monster fighting was pretty sweet. They all got me gifts too which was incredibly kind, but made me feel bad for not being able to give them anything. I got some DVDs, $, and gift cards, and a cool Darth Vader candy head. My sister mailed me a gift of the Canon backpack for my camera, which is great and will get a trial run tomorrow nite, and she got me a DVD.

Tomorrow night I’m going to see The Zero Boys play at Abbey Pub. I’ll be photographing it of course and am looking forward to it. I’ve been fighting off a cold that has been trying to get me all week, and it seems I did a good job at keeping it at bay and overtaking me as I am feeling better today already. There is much to be said for using that Airborne stuff and eating fistfulls of vitamin C I guess. That and strong willpower as I was determined not to get sick and miss out on the show tomorrow.

It looks like I’ll be heading over to KEF’s place for new years eve. That will entail some good eats, some moderate serum intake since I’ll have to drive myself, and some pinball. It should be a fun time I’m sure, as I have been to his NYE party in the past and have enjoyed myself.

There should be a new episode of LFCM soon as Stiff Mittens said he should have one ready this week. I’ll have an announcement soon regarding Spontaneous Combustion Records as well.

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  • Glad to hear you are feeling better and that you had a nice holiday. Don’t feel bad about the gift giving. Everyone has years where material gift giving isn’t possible. You gave your uncle, aunt and cousins the best gift of all, your presence.


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