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DIY punk auction site

I damn near forgot about this until I was sifting through some old emails. I had planned on alerting the people about this site a couple months ago.

Clark from Happy Couples Never Last Records has started a DIY auction site specifically tailored to punk rock and independent music/culture. While everyone under the sun shills their stuff on ebay, and ebay is pulling in fistfuls of cash and not giving anything back except extremely poor customer service, Clark has a plan to put any profit from the site to good use. Any profits the site receives through its meager cut of the action goes into funding a DIY punk venue in Indianapolis, IN. I’d say that is more than a worthy cause, in fact more people should have these ideas and act upon them and the current state of punk rock would be a whole lot better.

You can see the auction site here. If you have some records or even other stuff laying around, why not give it a try, it will go for a good cause. Oh, and be sure and tell your friends!


  • Umm…I think the point of people selling things on E-bay is that chances are many people will see it and therefore the chance of people bidding against each other will be high and so the record will sell for more, meaning the seller will make more money. Many records start with a low price and no reserve on E-bay, so the only people jacking the prices up are the bidders. You sound bitter about a lot of things, one being records. I don’t know why. It’s not like you can keep them when you die or they can be a claim to fame.

  • You miss the entire point of the story. Ebay, the company, makes millions off their auctions fees and where does it go? They don’t put it back into the community at all, and they certainly don’t invest it in beefing up their shitty customer service. They pocket the money. This auction site I am talking about in the article will be using any profits it makes to open a DIY club for bands to play. I’d much rather see my money go to that than into some rich asshole’s pocket.

    And I’m an educated man, I don’t need a lesson on how ebay works, I’m all too familiar with it. My disgust with how it ruined the fun of collecting and how it just boils down to which kid with a trust fund wants to spend more of his parents money had nothing to do with the jist of this story.


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