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And you guys thought it was a scam!

Today something great happened. There was a knock at the door and I answered it. It was the DHL man with a package for me. Normally I do not get packages from DHL so I had to think what it could be. Then I had a guess. I opened up the package and to say I became instantly aroused might be an understatement.

In the box was a tshirt…

wrapped around my free IPOD!!!!!!!!

That’s right, the free Ipod gimmick is not only legit, but it works! That is a white, 60gb Ipod w/video! Thanks to those who participated in the gimmick and helped me out! If any of you have your referral links, send them to me so I can pass them along to return the favor.

Want one of your own? You can go for the Nano, or one of these video Ipods.

Oh man, what a day! Now to spend the countless hours loading it up! For once, not having a job is going to be an asset for the next few days at least!


  • I want an iPod, I think… I don’t even understand what they are used for. I am so stuck on CD’s…

    I should just follow the bandwagon and stop carrying a zillion CD cases in my SUV!

    Help me get one MX… Please!!! I’ll even put a cherry on top!!


  • They change up the offers all the time, some of them end up being totally free. The easiest and best are the credit cards. You apply for one and when you get it, you just have to use it in the first 30 days upon receiving it to buy anything, anywhere at all. I did that and just bought some groceries with the card and my requirement was met. The Nano one only requires that you refer 5 people to complete offers, the video one needs 8 people to complete.

  • I love ya dude but you lost me on that ‘don’t STEAL my pictures’ post… I could dig it if it was affecting your bandwidth but just using pics? C’mon man… Been fun.


    I just came across this archived entry. I was one of the founding members of SNOT (me and Alex). We played around Houston, mostly at the Cabaret Voltaire [with the Party Owls, Bark Hard (Jeff Gibson’s band) The Faction Raw Power, etc.] and played some OT shows. They actually made this record a few months after I quit the band. I wriote all the songs and must say was a much better guitarist than Brooke. Kevin Bacos of DRI cover art fame designed our t0shirts and the record cover. Any chance you have mp3s of other songs? Oh. And my wife just got me a free ipod with the same outfit. Unbelievable!

  • Crap! I knew I should’ve read the fine print. I just applied for the video ipod (greedy, greedy, greedy) by signing up for BMG music….and let me tell you, I had to search long and hard to find even one cd worth having. But then I found out I need 8 referrals AND they have to sign up for one of the offers. I can maybe convince a couple of people to take pity on me but 8? No. Any ideas???

  • I did hte one where you apply for a credit card and when you get it, you just have to use it once anywhere you want for anything. I bought groceries with it since I was gonna buy them anyway, so in essecne it really cost me nothing. Some of the other offers that come and go involve singing up for something and you can cancel before the trial period ends thus you never get billed for it but you get the credit for the offer being completed.

  • My boyfriend is an avid fan of Apple products, and rightfully so. Last year, for Valentine’s Day, he spent his financial aid money on a 20 GB iPod for me. It was the best gift ever.

    He had a 30 GB iPod, a relatively older version, and its battery was completely dead. The only way he could get it to turn on and play was through the wall adapter. A few months ago, he got his wall adapter, and all of his iPod accessories stolen at school. I don’t have enough money to buy him an iPod, but I would really like for him to have one as well.

    If you can, please help me give my boyfriend an iPod!

    Thanks so much!

  • Hey I am more than happy to help as I want one myself. I can help anyone that can help me. Problem is that because my user name is different people don’t always know when I helped them. Maybe I should use a special code? 😉


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