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Blitz – Hits CD

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Blitz – Hits CD
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Blitz is one of those old time UK street punk bands that went largely ignored by me in my young punk years. I always was much more partial to US Hardcore so I overlooked a lot of good UK bands back then that only now am I starting to finally give a fair shake. In their years together (they could still be active for all I know), Blitz put out a pretty good handful of albums and singles, the “Warriors” single being perhaps their most popular.

This CD collects 23 songs spanning much of their career. It starts off appropriately enough with “Warriors” and “Attack”. I can’t tell you what each song was originally released on, or when because there is absolutely no information about the band, or the songs other than the titles. Instead of some nice liner notes, lyrics, or plain old recording information, all you get is a label catalog and a t-shirt ad. Its a shame that a disc that makes for a great introduction for those like me who overlooked this band in their prime, or some younger punk discovering this band for the first time is going to walk away from it not knowing anything about the band or what other records they might want to seek out. The disappointing packaging aside, the music contained on the disc is pretty top-notch UK punk rock and is a good place to start if your music collection is lacking anything in the Blitz department like mine is.

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  • the early blitz stuff is killer, no question, but does it really need to be repackaged 75 different ways? There was one recent package that actually contained a bunch of demos and otherwise “alternate” recordings but the rest of it seems.. well, unnecessary (ie. the songs should definitely be available but it seems kind of lame to sell the same ones under so many different titles.)


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