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So Unloved – Pink Black & Broken CD

So Unloved CD
So Unloved – Pink Black & Broken CD
SOS Records

I saw So Unloved open for The Adicts last fall and was pretty impressed with them. They are a four-piece band consisting of three ladies and one gentlemen (who plays drums). They can’t be much older than 18, they look really young, but don’t let the age fool you because these ladies (and one dude) can really go! They play a sort of slightly melodic hardcore and mix up the screaming with some occasional actual singing, but not in an emo way. The emphasis is definitely on the hardcore and at times if I didn’t know better I’d have thought that this band were around in the late 1980s. There are 11 songs on this album and it is a pretty solid record from start to finish. The packaging leaves a little bit to be desired, it just feels and looks cheap to me and the front cover is really uninspired, looking like some demo you’d get in the mail. SOS really ought to start farming out the graphic design work to different people because the latest crop of releases just seem so cheap. That aside, if you like your hardcore to be played by cute girls (and really who doesn’t), then you’ll likely find some entertainment value out of this CD for sure. I know I wouldn’t mind going to see them play again.

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