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AC/DC – Back in Black Under Review DVD

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AC/DC – Back in Black Under Review DVD
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When I was in 6th grade I heard AC/DC for the first time and they left a huge impact on me. The album I heard was Back in Black, which had just been released and it wasn’t like anything my young ears had ever heard at that time. Back then my childhood music was a steady diet of Kiss, Cheap Trick and The Beatles. I begged and pleaded with my family to buy me that, and every AC/DC album ever made (yes, my record obsession started at a very young age) and for that year they were my favorite band. A year later punk rock would come into my life and, well, you know the rest.

AC/DC Under Review is a documentary on the making of the Back in Black album. It tells the story of how the band lost their singer Bon Scott and made the decision to go on and replace the seemingly irreplaceable with Brian Johnson and continue the band as they were on the brink of breaking it big outside of their native Australia. There are interviews with the engineer of the recording as well as music critics and AC/DC fans and historians. There is some footage and lots of photos of the band in the feature as well, though no one in the actual band was involved or directly interviewed for it.

Despite the lack of direct band involvement, the documentary was very interesting and I learned a lot about the band at the time. They also dissect every song and how it fits into the AC/DC mold or what they were going for with the sound and lyrics. At times it can almost get borderline geeky how much they talk about in regards to each track but it never gets dull. As a fan of the band back then, I found it to be a worthwhile way to spend two hours and a pretty good education on the band at the time of that particular album. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who is a fan of that album and the band in general.

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  • Finally a man of taste!
    My passion for AC/DC began a bit earlier and it had taken me some time to get along with the “new singer” (he’s still the “new singer” to me, even though he sang in that band for over 5 times as long as Bon by now).

    I thought about posting some bootleg stuff on my blog but have second thoughts somehow ….. Would they come after me for that?

  • I never could get used to Brian Johnson. I used to tell my wife, “Now if we were on the Newlywed Game and they asked who the greatest rock and roll singer was what would I say?”. Her reply, “I know- that other guy from AC/DC, Bon Scott”.


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