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The invasion has begun

For those of you not in the midwest, specifically IL, you may not know about the Cicada, or the 17 year locust. This is the year they return and over the weekend seemingly out of nowhere, my back yard was filled with them. I was out in the backyard yesterday preparing for my annual Memorial Day BBQ at Combustion Manor and decided to snap a few pix of the little invaders. They pretty much were all over the trees in the back and one of them even took flight and landed on Lady MXV’s leg.


Every time I see their wings in detail, it reminds me of the logo for the band, The Locust.

In other news, sorry for the lack of new content on here, I’ve been busy with things of a personal nature and haven’t had much motivation to write. I will be photographing Skinny Puppy this Friday which is a huge deal for me seeing as how they are my favorite band in the entire known universe. I wish they didn’t have that silly three song restriction for photographing at the House of Blues, but I’ll take what I can get! I read the spoilers as to what the set list is for this tour and there is a couple songs I’m really excited to hear them do live. I was so excited about this upcoming photography opportunity, I went out and got two new lenses for my camera. I got the Canon f/1.8 18mm fish-eye lens and the Canon f/1.4 50mm lens. The latter renders my need for the “nifty 50” f/1.8 50mm lens obsolete so I’m going to offer it up for sale or put it on ebay to help finance a new speedlite.

For those that want to see the rest of my Cicada pictures, they are on my flickr site.



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