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Why I will never buy an iPhone

It was revealed to me by a friend who was considering buying one that the iPhone has one major flaw in it. What is that flaw you ask?

Apparently you can’t use your mp3s as ringtones! That’s right, your 600 dollar fancy mp3 player/cell phone hybrid with all its touch screen glory and fancy gimmicks has a feature you’d think would be a no-brainer crippled! Any purchased music, or music you rip and put on your iPhone can’t be assigned as a ringtone. I find that beyond retarded. I guess the theory behind it is the cell phone provider doesn’t want to lose out on the revenue they have by selling you their overpriced, shitty ringtones. It’s bad enough they are charging you 600 bucks for this gadget, plus the seemingly pricey service plans they offer for the internet and calls, but now they require you to open up your wallet again if you want some custom ringtones, and of course you’re limited to their lame offerings. To me that is just insulting.

I’ll be sticking with my 80 dollar Razr phone, which does allow me to use my own mp3 files as ringtones without it costing me one extra cent to make that happen.


  • Calm down. It’ll be in an upcoming update. It was a tab in the pre-release version but wasn’t totally finished so they pulled it for launch. The great thing about the iPhone is it’s all software based for the UI and features so they can add it whenever it’s finished and ready to go properly.

  • As far as comparatively rating the iPhone as a first release for any product, this “major flaw” would perhaps demote the iPhone from a 10 to a 9.75. Plus, if every iPhone sold equates to one less putz with an annoying mp3 for a ringtone, we can only hope they sell even more.

  • Yeah I have an iPhone, and that’s the one major drawback. Apple better add it as a feature, because the hacker hobbists discovered today how to do it.


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