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Minor Threat colored vinyl

It seems that everyone is getting in on the colored vinyl action these days. Records are popping up left and right in new color vinyl editions and one of my long-time favorite labels in all of punk rock, Dischord Records, has joined in on the color vinyl craze too. Their first foray into the vinyl reissue fray came with a clear vinyl edition of the 4 Old 7″s compilation which had been out of print on vinyl for a number of years, not to mention I am pretty sure it even got bootlegged at one point. Now they have just released two more colored vinyl classics.

Minor Threat – Out of Step LP on grayish white vinyl

Minor Threat – 12″ on green vinyl

Both Minor Threat records now come on the above colors of vinyl. Thankfully Dischord not only pressed only one color of each so as not to take advantage of collectors who would buy multiple copies to have all the colors, but they pressed enough to go around too as reportedly there was 2000 of each made.

I believe there is more old Dischord colored vinyl in the works too. Here’s hoping they continue and reissue some more old classics too like Flex Your Head!

These can be found just about everywhere that sells vinyl or you can get it directly from Dischord themselves who have stellar mail order service.


  • hey i have that white vinyl from minor threat got it at much would it be if i sold a little shop and i saw that green minor threat vinyl at hogs wild in san antonio texas for 12 dollors.


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