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Rikk Agnew colored vinyl

I came home the other day to find a package sitting on my doorstep from Frontier Records. Inside it was a note from Betty and Lisa saying “hi” and also there was a new colored vinyl record in there. This particular one is a colored vinyl first for the label.

Rikk Agnew – All By Myself LP on opaque blue vinyl

This is the Rikk Agnew solo album that came out way back in the early 1980s. Rikk plays everything on the record and sings. That was a lot to tackle. On top of that, the songs are pretty damn good too, Rikk is quite a talent. One of the songs, “OC Life” also made an appearance as a D.I. song and is a punk rock classic. This is the first time this record has been released on colored vinyl, and for the longest time it actually wasn’t even available on vinyl until recently.

I don’t know how many were pressed, but if you’d like this lovely blue disc for your own punk vault, you can grab one straight from Frontier Records. Tell them MXV sent you if you do. As always, many thanks to the fine ladies at Frontier for sending one over.


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