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Government Issue – Make an Effort reissue

One of the most essential and perfect hardcore punk 7″s of all time just got yet another reissue. I am talking about Government Issue – Make an Effort. This four song piece of perfection has been reissued perhaps more times and on more labels than any old punk record I can think of (I think Zero Boys – Vicious Circle is coming up a close second).

Make an Effort was G.I.’s second EP and in my eyes really took them to the next level and established them as a truly great punk rock band, a title they held in my opinion for many years to follow. They were really one of the most under-rated punk bands of all time and deserve far more recognition than they received.

This time around, Doctor Strange Records is the one doing the reissue honors. One thing that makes this reissue slighty different than all the others is for time in its post-first press history, it is using the artwork and layout from the original pressing, which was lovingly re-created by yours truly!

The record comes in two variations:

Black vinyl

White w/orange splatter vinyl

I think the colored vinyl version looks pretty sweet. If you call yourself a punk rock fan and don’t own this record, fix that now for about the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Both version can be purchased from the good doctor himself at the Doctor Strange Records website.

Check back at the end of the week for a chance to win a test pressing of this record in the next Punk Vault contest!



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