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A couple new Frontier Records colored vinyl releases

It has been a little while since a package came in the mail from Frontier Records, but recently I came home to find another package of colored vinyl love from the lovely ladies over at Frontier Records. Inside was the latest pretty colors of some pretty great records.

The Weirdos – We Got the Neutron Bomb LP on transluscent yellow (gold) vinyl

Every bit as essential as the first Weirdos collection, this second volume now comes on limited gold vinyl and has a nice insert as well. Every Weirdos record is mandatory owning for anyone calling themselves a punk rock fan.

Heatmiser – Dead Air LP on green vinyl

Heatmiser were an indie rock band from the early 1990s who put out a few records (two of them on Frontier) before disbanding. All the members went on to do different things or solo projects and among the Heatmiser alumni was one Elliot Smith.

Both of these fine platters can be purchased directly from Frontier Records website where you’ll get very quick service for a price likely cheaper than you will find at many stores!

As always thanks to Frontier Records for sending over the goods!

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