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Eksi Ekso – I Am Your Bastard Wings


Eksi Ekso – I Am Your Bastard Wings LP
The Mylene Sheath

Eksi Ekso is a band made up of members from The Burning Paris and On Fire which happen to be two bands I have never heard of before. Since I’m not at all familiar with those bands I didnt’ know what to expect out of this one, but what I expected based on the track record for this label was it was likely some really good post-rock band that I’ll end up playing repeatedly for quite some time. My assessment was a little bit off as Eksi Ekso actually has vocals, and that’s not all!

On top of having actual vocals (and multiple vocalists no less), the band also has a small orchestra behind it. This is in addition to the traditional drums/bass/guitar foundation. The result of all these instruments is best described as orchestral post rock with vocals! Imagine if you put together the Rachels with one of the more intricate and mellow post-rock bands and added some soothing vocals to it and you’d have Eksi Ekso. The songs are very melancholy and atmospheric and at times downright soothing. While I often prefer harder edged, angry music I found this album to be quite appealing, making me wonder if I’m starting to mellow with age.

The album comes in a standard sleeve and is pressed on two 12″ records. The music spans three sides and the fourth is etched. There are two different colored vinyl editions of this album: orange/black swirl (mail order edition of 200) and a white vinyl (regular edition of 600). The label is also offering a discount package for those who want to purchase both variations that knocks four dollars off the total price.

Having really enjoyed this album, I now find myself curious to check out the bands that spawned this one to see what they are like.


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