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flu.ID – Iots

flu.ID – Iots CD
Exile on Mainstream Records

flu.ID were an experimental hardcore band from Germany who seems to have disbanded shortly after this release. This CD contains all the songs from their previous two 10″ vinyl releases that are long out of print. The songs have been remixed and expanded upon to create a full album and almost become a whole new piece of work.

The music is mostly chaotic hardcore with lots of repetition. They will also branch off into some experimental stuff too that sort of reminds me of The Locust or Racebannon but those elements are attached to a foundation of pretty recognizable metallic thrash. The blend of styles really helps keep them from sounding like every other metallic hardcore band around. The vocals are screamed and brutal and angry just as they should be and the music is very thick and packs a lot of punch. It’s really a shame they didn’t stick around longer as this CD really shows a lot of promise. I guess it’s better to go out on a high note than stick around too long but it seems these guys may not have stuck around long enough as I bet another release would have been even better. Fans of this style of music would definitely find this disc worth seeking out.


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