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Christian Death pink vinyl

I just got a surprise package in the mail from the lovely ladies at Frontier Records which totally made my day. An LP shaped box sitting on my doorstep could only mean one thing: a new pretty color vinyl edition of one of the label’s classic releases. This particular record happened to be another long time favorite of mine and one that I only seem to enjoy more with age.

A record that helped spawn the goth scene, Christian Death’s Only Theatre of Pain, is now available on limited edition bubblegum pink vinyl. This opaque girl-friendly color comes housed in the gold and black sleeve first found in the very first pressing of this record and comes with a nice 12×12 lyric sheet.

This fancy slab of wax is available in very limited quantities and can be acquired directly from Frontier Records. This is one of those records that everyone should have at least one of in their collection so if you don’t have one already you should fix that now!


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