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Flex Your Head red vinyl

Flex Your Head red vinylDischord Records, who never stopped releasing records on vinyl even when most did, have been quite busy lately with the superior format. For about a year or so now, the label has been revisiting a lot of their back catalog that they in many cases they let go out of print on vinyl and have been remastering and reissuing the stuff, often times with some updated cover art. The packaging and sound quality of everything thus far has been excellent, and often times is worth the price of re-buying the record. They also have in many cases pressed these on colored vinyl, which leads us to the latest reissue.

One of the greatest hardcore punk compilations of all time, Flex Your Head, has been given a much deserved reissue. This new edition was re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service and features the DC Flag (aka XXX) which graced the overseas pressing back in the early 1980s for a short time. This time the cover is red and white to match the red vinyl the record is pressed on. Instead of a poster though, this pressing has an oversized insert that still contains all the info, artwork, and lyrics you could find on the poster in the previous pressings.

The record sounds better than it ever has on vinyl, and it even comes with a download code to get the mp3s of the album for free. A worthy investment of your 11 dollars if you ask me. You will likely be able to find this at most independent record stores and if not, you can always order one direct from the fine folks at Dischord via their website.


  • Thanks for the information, I still have the original pressing of FLEX YOUR HEAD XXX in the black and white cover. The only downside is I haven’t played it in years since CD’s and Mp3’s came into existence.


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