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Slimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks EP

Slimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks – Bastards EP

Slimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks EPSlimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks – Bastards 7″
Patac Records

With a band name like this you pretty much guarantee that you want to be noticed and that your options are fairly limited as to where you can sell your records and even advertise. In a way, the band is more punk rock than most just by the fact that they will alienate far more people than appeal to with this name. And punk rock is what this band is in the true spirit as well as the sound.

The music is loud and belligerent sounding like classic punk should be. It is like UK street punk meets D.O.A. (mostly in the vocal style), mid-tempo and a lot of punch and attitude. I can picture a bunch of punks at a show drinking a lot and singing along to this bands songs. The lyrics are your typical anti-authority type of stuff that made punk rock in the 1980s so exciting.

The record is pressed on a sort of gray vinyl and comes in a full-color fold-over sleeve with the lyrics and info printed on the inside. The record contains four songs. Despite the silly name for a band, the music these guys play is pretty solid and worth a listen for those into this style of punk.

Slimy Cunt and the Fist Fucks – Bastards 7″

A band with a ridiculous name but one who plays some loud, belligerent mid-tempo punk which is a great soundtrack for getting drunk.

Rating:2.5 stars

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