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Wednesday Night Heroes/For the Worse split

Wednesday Night Heroes/For the Worse – Split 7″
Patac Records

The Wednesday Night Heroes prove Canada still has it when it comes to hardcore. They play classic-styled hardcore. The music is fast and metal-free. Their singer has a great voice for the genre and despite the speed they have an accessibility to their sound in a way that early SoCal hardcore did. They offer two songs on here, an original which is really good and a Zero Boys cover which while passable offers little of value other than perhaps showing off one of their influences. It’s not a bad cover, but it offers no new spin on the song and was completely unnecessary. I’d have preferred another one of their own songs especially considering how good their one original was on here.

For the Worse offer up one song that is a metal-laced street punk style song with some odd shrieking vocals that sound like early thrash metal. The other song  is a cover of  “American Night” by The Bruisers. I’ve never heard of The Bruisers so I can’t tell you how faithful it is to the original but again it seems unnecessary. It is a much faster song than their own and has a British punk feel to it.

The record is pressed on white vinyl and comes in a black and white, fold-over sleeve with some lyrics and information on the inside. Fans of the classic early 1980s hardcore sound will enjoy the Wednesday Night Heroes side and might not even mind the cover song. Fans of when metal started creeping in the hardcore may like the For the Worse side, but personally I think I’d have preferred if Wednesday Night Heroes had the entire 7″ to themselves.

Wednesday Night Heroes/For the Worse – split 7″

Wednesday Night Heroes show what a good band they are capable of but waste half of it on a cover song. For the Worse get upstaged by them in a big way.

Rating:2.5 stars


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