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Sons of Tonatiuh – Self Titled

Doom/crust blend that is a strong debut effort, and another example of GA being a hotbed for heavy music.
Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Sons of Tonatiuh – Self Titled
Hydrophonic Records

Sons of Tonatiuh (pronounced “Tahn-a-tee-ah”) is a relatively new band from Atlanta, having only been around for two years. This is their debut record. This album contains eight songs of really, really heavy music that mixes doom metal with crust punk. The guitars are down-tuned to produce really heavy crushing riffs. The music will follow the doom metal template for a bit and then speed up into something more akin to crust punk, which is especially prevalent in the vocals. The drums are a key ingredient and are as punishing as the guitars. This drummer must really have a lot of pent-up anger that he takes out on his drums, so much so that I felt sorry for the poor things for taking such a pounding, but at thankful to them at the same time for allowing it to happen.

There must be something special in the water (or beer) in Georgia because that state has become quite a hotbed for heavy music these days and Sons of Tonatiuh are certainly no exception. All eight songs on this album are enjoyable for fans of doom, crust, or just intense and heavy music. I look forward to more from these guys and for a debut record they certainly don’t sound like a band that has only been together for a couple of years.


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