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Suicidal Tendencies “venison” color vinyl LP

One of the most legendary punk rock albums of all time got another new colored vinyl face lift for the new year. The first Suicidal Tendencies LP, an album that was one of the quintessential albums of my punk rock youth, is now available on “venison” colored vinyl.

This color is a sort of grape/maroon mix with some white and black streaks in it. It’s mostly opaque too. It’s definitely a unique color mix that you don’t see everyday even with colored vinyl records being more popular than ever.

This album is one of the many classic punk rock albums that has withstood the test of time. It was also the band’s finest moment. Nothing the band did after this album came anywhere near the greatness of this LP.

If you want one of these 12″ gems for your own vault, head over to the Frontier Records website and grab one. The price is right and the service is speedy and friendly.


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