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Suicidal Tendencies LP smoke colored vinyl

Much like the changing of wardrobes from winter to summer clothes, the Suicidal Tendencies LP (I’m talking about the only Suicidal Tendencies LP that matters, the first one) went and got itself all dolled up for the summer time. This new color is easily one of the best looking variations that this LP has ever been pressed on.

Now for a limited time (until they sell out) Frontier Records presents this legendary punk album on “smoke” colored vinyl. It is clear with black streaks in it which does give the appearance of it being smokey. The record comes in the same full-color jacket that has been standard with this record since the beginning of time. The music on this album sounds as great as it ever did and this LP is worth it alone for “Institutionalized” and “Suicide’s an Alternative” alone. It is just a nice bonus that the rest of the album is equally excellent. I may have mentioned this in the past and if so I’ll repeat it here, this album should be issued with every home. It is one of those timeless classic and influential punk rock albums that made the genre so exciting and special back in the old days and still stands the test of time today.

Check out the Frontier Records site to grab yourself this smokey slab of wax while they are still available.


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