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Burning Sons – Reflective Confessions 7″

The only new Mystic Records recording artist returns with a new EP that is better, stronger, faster (on two of the three songs anyway). Three excellent hardcore/thrash tunes that will remind you of yesteryear.
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Burning Sons – Reflective Confessions 7″
Mystic Records

Burning Sons is a hardcore band from WI whose claim to fame is that they are the only new band to record for the legendary Mystic Records label in well over 20 years! The band first released a 7″ EP and then a full-length album for the label. Both releases were very good hardcore/thrash records that kept true to the style of music that Mystic used to release in the old days. They now have a new three song 7″ out titled Reflective Confessions.

Side one features two songs: “Reflective Confessions” and “Desolation”. Both are hardcore/thrash that is fast on the tempo and high on the energy and intensity. In fact they seemed to have turned up their intensity a notch compared to their previous efforts and sound tighter than ever. The music is reminiscent of the hardcore of the mid 80s before everyone went metal. The guitars are thick and loud and the singer has a great thrashy vocal style that is like a bit higher pitched Cro-Mags but without the tough-guy jock delivery. The other side has a song titled, “The Other” and that one is a longer, slower number. It is a mid-tempo grinder with the same vocal delivery as the faster numbers and as heavy although half as fast. It shows off a more diverse side to the band that they can slow things down and stay interesting.

The record comes in a two-color fold over sleeve  that is a nice glossy stock. The inside cover has a photo of the band and the lyrics. The record is pressed on white vinyl and is limited to 500 copies. The overall packaging is a huge step up in quality over the late 1980s Mystic/Superseven records which had thin photocopied sleeves.

Burning Sons do the label proud by once again delivering a great hardcore EP that is a throwback to better times yet actually stands out from many newer bands who are passing their pop songs off as punk rock. If you are a fan of older style hardcore and thrash and a fan of the Mystic Records label in general then you’ll likely find a lot to enjoy in this three song gem.


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