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Various Artists – The Worlds Lousy With Ideas 7″

The Worlds Lousy With ideasFive years ago, Almost Ready Records put out this compilation 7″ featuring three bands and that started a series that is up to its ninth volume (in a variety of formats). For the fifth anniversary of this record it has been reissued with new cover art.

First up is Home Blitz. They are a noisy low-fi outfit that play speedy and raw punk rock with really loud and noisy guitars. It is somewhat spastic in its presentation. Boys Club round out side one with a simple power-pop song that is rough around the edges but quite enjoyable. It too has a low-fi garage sound to it with rather simple and straightforward playing.

Side two features just one band, Nothing People.  They mix low-fi punk with shoegaze and have fuzzy guitars with a lot of high-end and fuzzed out low-end as well. Imagine the noisiest stuff from the first Jesus and Mary Chain and make it low-fi and you can get an idea of what these guys sound like. It’s more experimental than the a-side and quite interesting.

The record comes on black vinyl and with black and blue labels. It is housed in a fold-over picture sleeve and there’s different variations of the cover art. It’s a nice little noisy three song collection of bands that are worth a listen for those interested in the styles of music presented here (and let’s face it if you are a regular reader of this site you likely fall into that category). It’s cool that they brought this one back in print for its fifth birthday for those of us (like me) who missed it the first time around and wasn’t even aware that this series of compilations existed.

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