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The Hamburglars 10″

The Hamburglars 10 inchA better follow-up to their excellent début from a couple of years ago. More diverse and just as fun as their first outing.
Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Hamburglars – 10″

A few years ago I received a 7″ in the mail from The Hamburglars. I hadn’t heard of them at the time and when I received the record I thought it was such a great and hilarious gimmick for a band that I was shocked that no one had thought of it sooner. That début single was very good and was mostly a lo-fi garage sounding record. The band finally decided to record and release some new material after playing out regularly since the first one was released.

This new record shows some diversity in the band’s sound. The opening track, “Burgesa Con Queso” is a much more of a singalong punk anthem than anything they did on their previous release and it also happens to be their best song to date. It has crunchy, fuzzed out guitars and it will really get you fired up and singing along, which isn’t hard to do considering the word “robble” is the main lyric to most of the band’s songs. The Hamburglars get more mileage out of the word, “robble” than Rob Zombie ever did with the word, “yeah”, which was no easy thing to top.

“Damnburgler” is a fast-tempo, early hardcore punk style song that will get the blood pumping and is a nice throwback to the early days of hardcore and quite a bit of fun. “Robble Attack” slows things down considerably in a more Cramps/rockabilly/surf way and is also the longest song on the record. It would also be a candidate for something you’d hear on the Dr. Demento show. “Supersize” in a mid-tempo, quirky number. “Robble-A-GoGo” is a fuzzy rocker with some cool drumming and a lot of sing-along “robbles”.  The record closes with “Robblitter” is another sing-along “robble” affair that’s pretty catchy and repetitive and would be a song played at ball parks if those ball parks featured teams made up of McDonald’s characters.

This Hamburglars EP is a definite improvement over their very enjoyable début. The fact they kept it an EP means the listener won’t get burned out on the concept as the subject matter and lyrics are so similar. This is definitely a band that works best in an EP format to keep the gimmick from getting stale. This is a fun record that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face while you listen to the catchy tunes. Every music collection needs to have some fun in it and this definitely fulfills that need.


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