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Resistance Pro: Mob Rules 7/25/14

It felt like ages since the last Resistance Pro Wrestling show but the wait ended Friday night at The Arabian Knights Barn when RPro returned with Mob Rules. This was the company’s last event before taping for their unscripted reality show starts taping and the barn was packed from wall to wall! They were treated to some great wrestling action too!

First up was Ashton Vuitton vs. Willie Richardson of Da Soul Touchaz. The “Male Model” Ashton was on the receiving end of Willie’s offense from the moment the bell rang but with the help of both Brady Pierce and Eric St. Vaughn, he was able to get the upper hand for a while as he started working over one of Willie’s legs in an attempt to keep the big man grounded. Willie fought through the pain and mounted a comeback but with some additional outside interference by his cohorts, Ashton hit the stunned Willie with his finisher and got the win. After the match Acid Jazz came to Willie’s aid and was attacked by Brady for his troubles and put in a torture rack. Da Soul Touchaz are going to want revenge on the members of Body Magic after this one.

The lovely ladies of RPro were in the second match. Thunderkitty faced Lucy Mendez in a match that featured actual wrestling and a lot of it! These two did more holds than you could count and put together a solid match that showed both Lucy’s vicious side and how tough of a fighter Thunderkitty is. Thunderkitty took everything Lucy threw at her and still managed to lock on her sleeper hold and get the win. A nice job by both ladies.

Shawn Blaze wanted some revenge on Remi Wilkins for the beating he received after their match last month and he got to dish out some of it in the third match. Shawn was on fire and attacked Remi the moment he came in the ring and he gave some to the warden too. Unfortunately for Shawn, Christopher was also out there and his interference put a stop to Shawn’s offense and helped turn the tables in Remi’s favor who ended up winning the match.

Sometimes in professional wrestling, two people put on a match so good that it not only steals the show but has the power to win over even non-fans and make them believe. Marshe Rockett and Jake O’Neill did just that in their match this evening. These two guys had the magic and from start to finish they had the crowd behind them and they crafted an exciting and impressive athletic competition. Both men looked like a million bucks in this match and the crowd were cheering them on the whole way. It was such an evenly paced match that even the biggest “know it all” fan couldn’t have predicted a winner in this one. The crowd went nuts when Marshe won the match and after the match the two men shook hands in the middle of the ring as the crowd cheered them both.

After the intermission RPro showed once again that they are more than your typical professional wrestling company in what was the “feel-good moment” of the night. The presented the first ever “Spirit Award” to Special Olympian, Emily Anne Lundvall. Emily’s list of accomplishments rivaled that of any combination of people in the building that night and was impressive to say the least. Billy Corgan presented her with the award and some special guests in the form of Coach Phelan, and two of Emily’s favorite wrestlers, Thunderkitty and Mr. 450. This was a huge surprise to Emily and she was truly touched by all of this, which came as a total surprise to her. The crowd was all smiles from this too and it touched the hearts of everyone.

It’s an age-old story in wrestling, two friends form a tag team and at some point differences start to rear their ugly head and the team breaks up and fights each other. You’d think these guys would learn by now and find a way to keep their friendships intact but Matt Knicks and Chris Castro did not find that way and they faced each other in a match. It’s hard to watch two best friends kick the crap out of each other unless, of course, it happens in an entertaining way like this. These two told a good story that painted Knicks as the heel in the match and it led to a nice finish where Miss Prig (who was at Ringside along with Colonel Jesse Corgan) came to the ring in an attempt to distract Castro. Castro may not have been smart enough to avoid fighting with his best friend but he was smart enough to not fall for her sexy charms and he actually picked her up and was getting ready to give her a pile driver! When Castro had Prig upside down, Matt Knicks super kicked Castro through Prig’s spread legs! Knicks got the win and left with his new mentor, Colonel Jesse Corgan.

Special Dark Suge D and Da Cobra were up next and they had a really entertaining match that was both high on the comedy and high on the action. Suge brought some slapstick comedy to the start of the match as he made Cobra look foolish as he tricked him into slapping himself in the face and into waltzing. This really pissed Cobra off as well as his manager, Justin King. Things got serious after that as the action heated up and these guys really started going at it which ended in another notch in the win column for Cobra.

Angel Dust had the unfortunate task of facing the toughest lady in Resistance Pro, former champion D’Arcy Dixon. The match started out innocently enough with Angel Dust surprising D’Arcy with the amount of strength she had in her smaller frame. Angel also had a lot of skills too. As D’Arcy took control she started getting a lot more arrogant and downright mean. She really gave Angel a beating and easily could have finished her off but continued to punish her further, all while gloating about it. By the time the match was done the fans weren’t liking this new side of Miss Dixon and expressed their displeasure as D’Arcy took the mic and declared that she is the women’s champion, belt or not, until someone can prove otherwise.

In the main event, Jocephus, sans partner (at least for the first part of the match), fought for the tag titles against Mr. 450 and Lonesome Jay Bradley. At first Jay and 450 thought it was a two on one match and quickly took control as the numbers were in their favor. At some point Jocephus made his way to the outside and attacked RPro co-owner, Jacques Baron. Jacques was knocked out and bloodied and when Jocephus returned to the ring, he revealed that his woman, Eve, was his partner. Eve tagged in and showed that she was as strong as anyone in the ring as she started hammering away on 450. The action went nuts from there with all kinds of double teaming, interruptions by partners, and copious amounts of violence. The action came to a close when Jocephus used Eve as a weapon when he powerbombed her onto Mr. 450 in what he called “the living sacrifice” and got the win.

Mob Rules was one of the best events the company has done. Every match was excellent and there wasn’t a dull moment in the entire show. The sold-out crowd really enjoyed the show and it’s likely that the newcomers will become regulars after witnessing such a wonderful wrestling show.  Next month should be an exciting time in RPro both with the momentum they carry from this show along with the taping of their new series. It’s a good time to be a wrestling fan in the Chicago area!

For additional photos from Mob Rules click here!


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