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The Mons – 7″

The Mons
An amazing début of short, fast, and loud punk rock that is everything that makes the genre so good!
Rating: ★★★★★ 

The Mons – 7″
Underground Communique Records

Though I’d never heard of them before receiving this record in the mail, The Mons hail from Chicago, IL and this is their début EP. The into to the opening track, “Asshole” and the title of it gave me the feeling that i was in for some pretty powerful and angry punk rock and that is exactly what I got.

The band channels the energy of Nervous Breakdown era Black Flag with its powerful and loud presentation. They have a big guitar sound that will knock you on your ass. The songs are fast, toeing the line of hardcore and they are barely more than a minute long each. Short, fast, loud, and to the point which is the formula that made punk rock great. The vocals have that snotty and angry tone with some great backups during key points.

At less than eight minutes in length, this EP is over before you know it and it leaves you wanting more. I just kept flipping it over and over to keep the energy flowing. It warrants a lot of repeat listens and no matter what your age, it is hard not to get all amped up after listening to this record. As an added bonus this record comes with a digital download. This EP is everything that is right about punk rock! Hopefully The Mons don’t follow the other punk rock formula of breaking up too soon and that they will stick around to put out some more great records like this one.


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