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Channel 3 – History 7″

CH3 - History
A band with a 34 year history delivers a great single with one new song and one cover, proving they absolutely still have it!
Rating: ★★★★★ 

Channel 3 – History 7″
Hostage Records

This is an appropriately titled record as the band, Channel 3, has quite a long history indeed. This band started way back in 1980 and put out some records on the legendary Posh Boy Records label. As time evolved, so did the band, going into more of a rock/metal direction for spell (complete with big hair) before finding a very happy medium between the punk and the rock where the band has remained ever since. Every record they have done in the past 12 or so years has been excellent and those early Posh Boy records are some of the all-time punk classics. They’ve been fairly active as of late both in touring and releasing singles and History is their newest.

The title track is a great and really catchy mid-tempo punk number. It has nice loud guitars and a lot of good sing-along parts. In fact not only is the chorus infectious but the verses are easy to sing along with too and I can picture many CH3 fans singing along to this entire song at their shows.  This song embodies everything that makes CH3 such a great band.

The B-side of this single is a cover of AC/DC’s, “Kicked in the Teeth”. It is a neat choice of cover songs for me personally as AC/DC was my favorite band way back in 6th grade before I’d discover punk rock a year later. To this day I still love AC/DC and CH3 does a really nice cover of the song, putting their punk stamp on it.

This two-song single (on black vinyl – numbered out of 500 copies) shows that as they approach their 35th anniversary as a band, Channel 3 still has a lot to offer and this single is a must-own if you are even a casual fan of this band. Well done boys, keep up the good work!



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