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Adolescents – La Vendetta… LP

Adolescents - La Vendetta LPThe Adolescents have been around in one form or another for the better part of the last 35 years which is one heck of a long time. The band formed in 1980 in southern California and their début, self-titled album is considered one of the best punk rock albums of all time. The band has endured a number of lineup changes and breakups over the past 35 years but has been at least semi active a lot longer than they have been inactive in that time. In the past ten years they have been a lot more proficient and released a couple new albums and even did some touring. The band’s last two albums were only available on a German label but now they returned to their first home, Frontier Records, for a domestic release of their latest offering, La Vendetta…

This lineup of the Adolescents features original members Tony Reflex (vocals) and Steve Soto (bass) along with some newer members. They maintain their trademark punk sound with sing along choruses and punchy guitars. Some of the songs are more in the mid-tempo range which gives them a more rock feel but still have that punk edge to them and the others have plenty of energy to keep the listener moving around. I haven’t heard the two albums prior to this one but this album is easily as good, if not better than OC Confidential, which was a very strong album.

The album comes on baby blue marbled vinyl which nicely matches the cover art and includes a download code so you can take these catchy tunes on the road with you on your mp3 player of choice. 35 years in and the Adolescents proved that they still haven’t run the well dry and continue to deliver the goods, even better is the band is touring this summer in support of the album. It is a good year to be an Adolescents fan and any fan of their music will find La Vendetta… quite pleasing.


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