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New Suicidal Tendencies vinyl colors

There has been a few new vinyl colors of the first Suicidal Tendencies LP in recent months. Since my last report it has been issued on three new colors of vinyl and the album is now being manufactured at a new plant. We’ll take a look at all three here.

First up is the “egg yolk” colored vinyl edition. This is a creamy opaque yellow vinyl and was limited to 1000 copies. It comes with a two-sided lyric sheet and a standard paper inner sleeve I’ve outlined numerous times how great this album is, which is why people keep buying it. It has transcended multiple generations of music fans who continue to discover its greatness year after year. I think the fancy term for it is that it is “evergreen”.

Next up is a pretty neat looking one. This version is on pink smoke vinyl. It is translucent pink vinyl with streaks in it. This one is also limited to 1000 copies and has the paper inner sleeve and two-sided lyric sheet. This is also the last version of this LP to be pressed at Rainbo Records, who sadly shut their doors recently after being one of the main record pressing plants in the United States for decades. It is the end of an era as Frontier Records has been pressing their records there for nearly the entire existence of the label.

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That leads us to our final color. With Rainbo closing, Frontier (and countless other labels) had to find new plants to get their records pressed at. Frontier Records went with the fine folks at Furnace Record Pressing and man was that a good move! This new color, which is translucent magenta colored vinyl, looks and feels better in every way. The first thing I noticed was the record was quite a bit heavier than the Rainbo pressed ones. This is a really nice quality, thick and sturdy record. The record is inside a plastic, anti-static inner sleeve instead of a paper one which is a big upgrade as well. New plates were made for this one and it sounds as good as ever. It also comes with the two-sided lyric sheet. This one is an especially cool version to pick up because it is a milestone variation where it was made at a different plant, and got a definite quality upgrade on what was always a high quality record (and label).

If you are like me and won’t go to any stores until the Corona is destroyed, you can order these colored vinyl gems from the safety of your own home from visiting the Frontier Records Bandcamp page while the label’s website is under construction. The fine folks will get them to you in a very timely manner and you won’t even have to leave your couch except to get the package from your front step!


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