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Raw was a letdown, and then some

Tonight’s Raw sucked. It wasn’t as bad as last week, but it still wasn’t very good. The opening segment was stupid. Most of the matches were boring, and as cool as it was to see Shawn Michaels again, he was dancing around the ring like a dork. Thumbs down for the show.

I got an email from a member of CH3 today wanting to know if I was up for interviewing them. I am, just that even though I have owned CH3 records since the early punk days, I never listened to them very much, so I will have to dig them out of the vault and refresh my memory before taking on that task. Anyone have anything they want me to ask?

Have I mentioned lately that I am really sick of being trapped in my house unable to leave or do much?!


  • I remember the first punk show I ever saw was CH3 opening for Naked Raygun in 1986, and the crowd was so bored during CH3’s set that various groups of people acually sat down on the floor at Metro and started having conversations amongst themselves. You could ask about that, but he might not appreciate it 🙂

  • Yeah, I don’t think they’d appreciate that 😉 That was when they had morphed into a bad rock band. Did they have big hair then?

    The faction interview will be up as soon as the last record comes for the discography that will accompany it. It should be here any day now.


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