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How do these judges get their jobs?!

Spike Lee gets injunction against viacom to stop them changing their name to Spike TV.
I’m shocked that some judge would actually do this and not throw the most assinine case perhaps in the history of the court, out of case. Proving yet again my theory that most people are dumb. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, I mean OJ got away with murder, so why not let Spike Lee sue over someone using the name spike. I’d bet that not a single person would EVER hear the name Spike TV and think of him, aside from Mr. Lee himself.


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  • Mr. MXV,
    Actually, Spike Lee is a fairly prominent figure in America. He has directed many controversial and famous movies since the 80’s, so when I heard the name Spike TV I believed at first there was some link. As far as Mr. Lee having a strong case, well that I’m not too sure of. Regardless, you bet wrong.



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