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Punk rock history has come full circle

When I was in 7th grade I first discovered PUNK ROCK. The Sex Pistols and 999 were the first two punk bands I heard and I was instantly hooked on this new kind of music. It was everything I was looking for, and on top of that, it was as different from what everyone else was into (except for a very small handful of kids that you could count up on one hand who would end up being friends of mine) as I felt I was different from those people. I especially couldn’t get enough of the Sex Pistols. I wore out my first copy of The Great Rock n Roll Swindle as well as Never Mind the Bollocks. I was a little too young to have been able to see them when they were still together, they had been broken up for about 4-5 years before I ever heard them for the first time. I always wondered what it would have been like and wished I could have seen them. Back in the mid 90s sometime, they actually did a reunion tour and I was excited to finally get my chance to see them. The forces of evil (ie: part of the MXV curse) conspired against me and I got sick and ended up in the hospital. I was released just a day or two before the show and was way too sick still to be able to attend and sadly had to give away my ticket to a friend. I was crushed. A week after the show, I caught a webcast of a show from that tour, but it just wasn’t the same. I thought there went my only chance to see a band that ended up totally changing my life. Now they are doing it again and I have a ticket, I am not sick, and I’m going to see them tonite! I am pretty excited about it. The assklowns are coming down – two of which are from that small group of kids I met way back in jr high who liked punk rock – and we are going to Potbellys (the official punk rock meal) and then off to the show. Some people scoffed at the fact that they are “old men” and the ticket price was 47 dollars. I don’t care what they think, if Ric Flair in his 50s can still go in the ring and outperform people 20 years younger than him, I’m sure these old punks can still kick ass. 47 dollars is a small price to pay for something that meant so much to me and gave me a place I could belong growing up amongst a bunch of people I didn’t fit in with or even thought the same way as. If it wasn’t for punk rock, who knows what I would have ended up as, and I can damn sure tell you my teenage years would have been far more miserable.

I wish I could be taking some pictures of the show tonite, but the venue is not very condusive for such activities. If yr in the city tonite looking for something to do, by all means go to the show and see what you may have been missing, and join me in a serum or two in honor of a band that changed the life of me, and I’m sure countless others.


  • Where are they playing? I think they played on the Jimmy Kimmel show (which is done about a block from my apartment), but I found out too late.

  • Oh! I’m reading your posts backwards, and I see they’re playing at the Aragon Brawlroom. Oh! I mean, that they played there yesterday and that you’ve already been. What’s the report? Good?

  • The best punk band in the world ever were undoubtedly the dead kennedys they took punk personified it made it their own and kicked every other bands ass.!!!

  • I am 15 years old and I listen to a lot of new and old punk rock. I like them both, but I can see how different it is now. Are there any old school punk bands out there today?

  • i am doing a history paper and i need some information on the history of punk rock can some one help if so e-mail me:)

  • I’m doin a paper for band on punk rock and could use any info anyone has, thanx! rock on, party hard, and get drunk!

  • at the age of 16 now, im pretty bummed i cant see some of those badass punk bands live.. what i wouldnt give to see THE CLASH play one more time.. R.I.P Strummer.. but people assume punk is dead, it may be small, and living in chicago u barly see any of it.. thank dude we have bands like the distillers, the unseen, and the exploited to keep the flame lit. PUNK ROCK !

  • Hey there ppls! like ‘margarita’… I am writing a paper for skool on the Hostory and Affect of Punk Rock. I am just starting it and i was just wonderin if ne one had ne webbies or books that would help me out. If ya do… you can catch me at, quickchik0202 (which is my sn) or !
    PS: and Darek, ur so write! I love Distillers and stuff. Punk Rock kicks! Well, g2g plz if u can, helpl me out! I need it! LoL! Bubye pplz!

  • Punk rock is fucking great both old skool shit and new skool punk, they’re the greatest motherfuckers in the world!!! My friends influlenced me to this kind of fucking music and dude look at me now, i’m talking FUCK!!!

  • dudes and chicks, to me the five greatest punk groups are……
    3.the adicts
    4.the ramones
    5.the casualties
    a line form the casualties “if you don’t apove
    fuck off”

  • Hey MXV,
    How was the show? I had never seen this thread, before my time. I had to laugh, your story is sooo much like mine about the Sex Pistols. I had tix for the mid 90s reunion, got sick. Went to the Inland invasion punk rock show in 02??, my ride left before the headlining band, The Sex Pistols, missed them twice, lol. I did see PIL, Checkered Past (Steve Jones), Ramones, Clash, Dead Kennedys…back then.


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