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A big hearty “fuck you, you idiots” to ebay. They got rid of the sub categories to their “records” section so now one has to search thru endless pages of bullshit to find a punk record, or do a search on punk. What was wrong with having the sections? It worked good and was easy to navigate! I guess that made too much sense so some cock-smooch there decided to fuck it up.

Ebay sucks dirty ass. First in their flawed feedback system and now in their assinine and retarded decisions about catagories. Ebay, you just ruined the expierience for me as a buyer, and I won’t be looking for records on yr stupid site anymore, thus cutting into yr end of auction fees for things I may have purchased.

I wonder if the same wonderful customer service reps at ebay also work for Fat Wreckords?

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  • We all must realize what Ebay and Paypal are all about. They are all about making money. They could careless about right or wrong. The people that makes them the most money is ALWAYS right, and those that don’t are ALWAYS wrong. They advertise fraud protection, but there isn’t any. How could they protect anyone without any sort of quality control? When you buy something off Ebay, cross your fingers and pray that you get what you paid for, or get anything at all for that matter. And when you use Paypal to “safely and quickly” pay for your stuff, good luck getting your money back from them after you hit the “Send” button. Customer service? Making money off their customers IS their ONLY service! Policies? If you didn’t get what you paid for, the policies basically say sucks to be you! Yet, Ebay is still growing by leaps and bounds year over year. In the end, we only got ourselves to blame. We support them by using their services. We grow them into the beast they are by subverting to their haphazard rules. While the title of this blurp is “Ebay SUCKS!”, it is really about me looking into the mirror, slapping myself into the realization that even though I know what I was getting into, I did it anyway. That one bad experience with Ebay and Paypal finally happened to me, but I wonder if I would ever use their service again!


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