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Angry Red Planet – Gawkers Paradise 7″ (1985 Touch and Go Records)

Among the many bands that the midwest produced, one of the more overlooked bands, despite them having a single on Touch and Go, was Angry Red Planet. They were a more melodic punk band from MI that was around for a few years in the mid 80s.

The band put out a 7″ on their own label, then they did this single for Touch and Go which for some reason seldom gets any attention. I’m not sure why as it is a great record, though the recording quality does leave a bit to be desired. They’d later release a very good album on their own label, as well as a split LP for an overseas label and then called it quits.

As to where they are now, I do not know. I know one of the members of the band at least was still up in MI and played in another band after ARP broke up. ARP was also on a compilation of MI bands 7″ that I am in need of, but the title escapes me at the moment. As always, if you are a member of the band, or you have some information about the band, please get in touch.


  • When I was in Buzzmuscle, we always wanted to cover “Sun Goes Down” but it turned out none of us had a copy of the record, nor could we ever find one. The Defoliants would make a good entry got the forgotten Chicago bands file, although I don’t know if you were a fan of them.

  • I actually NEED that Defoliants 7″. I saw them once with Naked Raygun and liked them and I used to own it back then. Unfortunately that fell victim to being sold like a dozen years ago when I was broke and needed money and foolishly sold a bunch of records that I then had to replace.

  • the 7″ comp. you are looking for is called “you pick one: mi. sampler.”

    i found one on ebay several months back for $10.

  • hi my name is vince, i’m one of three members of the detriot punk band angry red planet.we started in 1981, myself and two brothers tim @john me

  • One great Detroit band.
    I saw them 4 or 5 times in the late 80’s fresh outta high school.
    Fuckin’ killer.
    I’ve actually never seen that 7″.
    Nice find!

  • Wow, I’ve always wondered what happened to this band. I think I missed a chance to see them once in East Lansing, but I might be wrong. I never knew anything about them except I have #425 of the LP called “Little Pigs, Little Pigs.” The front of the LP is covered with little pigs outlined in red. It was put out by Angry Red Records. It still sounds pretty damm good today! I liked Mediocrity and Slice o’ Life. Good tracks, I always thought they were a little off beat back then.

  • Tim from Angry Red Planet is now in The Salt Miners ( and he runs Woodshed Recording Studio ( Drop him a line and tell him to re-release this great music…also check out for some Angry Red Planet mp3s and old flyers.

  • ARP were a great band! I always wished I could have seen them live—the bass player in that band was incredible. The song “Fuckwad” has some incredible bass playing in it.

  • I’m fairly certain that Mick Collins (Gories, Dirtbombs, Screws) served time in ARP too…

  • Eric Wheeler aka Ewolf – the drummer on Little Pigs, Little Pigs is still in the Detroit area. He works at the DIA. Last I heard, Tracy Fogel moved to Oakland, CA. You already know where Tim Pack is. I have no idea what happened to Dave.

  • hey yeah im looking for a webpage for a punk band in detriot called ” the accidents”
    if u know it email me

  • Hey you bunch of weirdos! Can’t a band just fade into obscurity? Cut it out! I wasn’t even looking for this and I still found it, which means I should know not to not look for things any more. And who is formergirlfriend? Get that freakin’ photo link off here or I’ll sue!

  • I forgot to say hello to Vince, in the case he finds his way here again. Vince was a founding member – I was just a replacement. And, no, Mick Collins was never in ARP. It was another black guy. Me: HungryLikeEwolf(at)

  • Last week I bought 2 ANGRY RED PLANET LPs “Little Pigs’ & “Give’em Enough Dope” (both released in 80’s by German label Double A). Im really happy cos I ve paid for them 20 Polish Zloty on Polish ebay. It’s 7USD. Great music for little cash and one is on white vinyl!!!!!!!! I seen them also on German Ebay very often but for more money… I think ARP toured Europe twice supported by Stengte Dorer (great Norway band by the way) and Collaps.

  • Old friends of Tracy Fogel are lookin’ for him…we hope you’re well!!
    Larry, Jan, Jim, Shep, & Monk

  • Hi all’ still a live and well. Had a great time playing with ARP . Miss all of you guys.


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