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Sacred Denial – North of the Order LP (1987 Forefront Records)

Sacred Denial were another one of the bands around for the heyday of NJ punk/hardcore. My first exposure to them was on the New Jersey’s Got It compilation on Buy Our Records. Those tracks were raw and powerful and I immediately made a point to buy everything I could find by the band.

In their time as a band, they put out 4 albums, and then a 5th one of early material would come out after they called it quits. All their records were on the Forefront Records label, which was either run by a band member, or the band’s manager/friend. I can’t recall which as it has been a long time. I do remember the guy who ran the label being a really nice guy and he’d distribute other labels and sent me lots of records to review in the pages of Spontaneous Combustion.

For some reason, Sacred Denial never got a whole lot of attention. Though the records have been out of print for years, they can be had cheap, which I think people should take advantage of because they are some good records. Over the course of time the band would evolve from straight up hardcore to include a bit of metal and melodic punk as well over the later releases, and they pulled it off quite well. In fact, I often find myself listening to this album over a lot of their other ones.

As to where they are now, I have no clue. I also don’t know what became of the Forefront Records guy as I lost touch with him more than 15 years ago. As always if you were in the band, or have any information you’d like to share, please get in touch.

Listen to “Where’s My Mom?” from the record


  • Sacred Denial was a very inspirational band for me growing up. I too find myself pulling there albums out from time to time ie.. lifes been getting to me.
    I miss good hardcore bands these days and have to remind myself what good raw music is all about.

  • Mike the Guitar player becane a Dr.

    Chris Crowley (Lucy’s Trance) died in 1992
    Scott Godfrey in Long Beach also (Lucy’s Trance)

  • chris crowley is my bro, i dont have too much info on him if anyone can help me out he died when i was very young

  • hey everybody, i married janus guderski lead vocalist, he rocks… we’re all married and own a home and do dishes and stuff….we have a beautiful 1 1/2 year old puppy together named mathilda

  • I was the second singer for Sacred Denial. I was also the drummer for Adrenalin O.D. We all grew up in the suburban town of Clifton N.J. The first time I played with was on a local cable television show. The show was hosted by local movie critic Tom Sulivan and was filmed at Clifton City Hall. I purchased a Clifton Police uniform from the local Salvation Army and wore it on the show. It didn’t go over too well with the real police in the building. Our friend and one time Sacred Denial drummer Raven X broke into the Mayors office and peed on his desk. Fun times. Sacred Denial had one thing that the other hardcore bands lacked. A genius in the band. Mike Devita was an amazing guitar player. A true natural. It is his guitar and piano playing brilliance that made Sacred Denial great. He was also the reason Lucy’s Trance got signed to Atlantic Records. I miss Anthony, I miss Sacred Denial rehersals in Anthony’s parents bassment. I still have Tinitus from those days.

  • Hey….just found this. After I discovered SST Records & the Dead Kennedys in ’86 – my next step was the ‘One Big Crowd’ comp…I loved ALL the bands on that comp. & probably own almost every record by all those bands. I’m now 31 – but I still love my Sacred Denial records. Was listening to Life’s Been Getting to Me just this morning & did a search for Sacred Denial & found this. Sorry to hear about Ant’s death. Would love to see a reunion show. Would be honored to take Ant’s place on bass for that. In any case – hope the rest of those guys are doing well.

  • hey – friend of anthony and treyce’s — after his death treyce gave me all of his cds of his new band ‘Jonny and the Hasbeens’ to try to do something with them. Well, in quick succession I got married and had a baby so my time got all sucked up; but recently looking at the 1000+ cds in the basement, listened to it again and found it still great. I’m putting it up on cdbaby now specifically for iTunes. I’m going to hold all the money from this (if any) and get it to treyce and ant’s family — I’m doing this for friendship, not to make a buck.
    He was a great guy (I think I broke his leg at a show my band played at connections – he was sitting on the side of the stage, I was jumping around like a freak and landed on his leg). as he was getting pulled out on a stretcher afterward he said ‘great show’ to me.

    it’s been what – 6 years since he died? Seems like yesterday.

  • When I clicked on this link and saw the cover of “North of the Order” I was simultaneously struck with a smile and a pang of sorrow. Anthony was one of the most influential people in my life. I met him while S.D. was still together, and I hadn’t even bought my first bass: we were the respective dates of two best-friends to the Clifton prom, 1987 (I think). Anyway, since we were both going to the prom as friends of our dates, we wound up talking to each other more than our dates (they were a little miffed at this). I don’t know why, but Anthony took me under his wing, and when I got my first bass the following year (S.D. being on the verge of break-up and Anthony since becoming a guitar player) he suggested that we form a band (Law). Anyway, that lasted for less than a year, and after some mild drama in both of our lives, we along with Mike Devita, and a drummer named Byron (later replaced by Brett Wilson and the addition of Chris Crowley on rythem guitar) formed Lucy’s Trance. Though the experience of that band (which was very much driven by Anthony), I learned what it really meant to be driven and to take chances. Those were such great days, and anyone whose been in a band can understand the sense of brotherhood that we all felt. I am still in contact with Brett, but I have no idea where Mike is (I want to thank him for buying me my first Chivis). Anyway, Chris and Antony will always be missed.

  • I loved Anthony. I grew up two blocks up the street and sat in the basement when they played Tylenol. They were the first band I ever saw up close. He showed me punk. I worked at that local tv station when they played for Tom Sullivan. It was anarchy in a place where they never had it. I played in a shitty band that Anthony put on the Connections stage alot. I miss him alot. I think about him alot.

  • hello all,my wife told me she posted on here some months back so i had to reply,my name is Janus (former singer).Time has really passed,i have’nt spoken to anyone for quite a while.I miss all you guys and those times in the 80’s.I have’nt seen Mike in years,miss him too,hope all is well.Most recently i spoke to Ken Seely but that was a few years ago,he’s got a lil family and i hope he’s doin well.As for Anthony,what can i say? He was like a brother.We met when i was 15,he wanted to get a band togetherand he asked if i knew how to play a guitar,i said no,he said alright i’ll teach ya.Then he’d play me these records such as GenX,The Damned,Sham 69 etc.etc.and i was never the same again.That was the gift he gave me that keeps on giving and for that i will never forget.As for me ,im happily married,got a lil landscape design biz,cozy home in Jefferson, NJ,and keepin up wit da Jonesez.OH,nice to see Dave Scott’s (A.O.D)comments,how ya doin Dave? you guys were always there to help and encourage. Thanks all take care.

  • Hello all, Ken here I played bass after Anthony moved to 2nd guitar just before the release of “North”. I stumbled across this site looking for some old Jersey HC stuff. It certainly is good to hear from everyone. Once in a blue moon I’ll see Kenny (drums on North… & Sifting. He’s still in the Clifton area and doing well. Janus how the hell are you? We’ve got to get together – call I’ve got the same number. Anthony – what can I say – he was a great influence in my life and I miss him dearly. I think about him all the time. The Denial years were good and they helped shaped who I am today – in a good way. Let’s not forget towards the end of SD, when Bruce from AOD joined to fill in for Mike and when Dave took over on drums just before we went to the Netherlands & Germany. If anyone has news of Bruce and Dave let us know.

  • Hi everyone. This is Mike, the guitar player for Sacred Denial/Lucy’s Trance. A friend told me about this site. It’s nice to see notes here from my old friends. I miss my old brothers and the youth that we shared. I still play and write music. Don’t have the time now with busy career and family to publish anything at the moment. I would love to hear from old friends. I miss Anthony terribly. He was a great friend since early childhood. I was lucky enough to see him a few times during the year of his death. He shows up in my dreams from time to time. A few nights ago I dreampt that I went to 227 Union, said hi to Pat(Ant’s mom), then searched in anthony’s room with him for pictures hidden behind the blue paint.
    If anyone wants to contact me, please look me up. I’m a cardiologist in Brick, NJ. Stranger things have happened.

  • Mike,
    Great to hear from you and glad that all is well. Janus or I will contact you in the near future. Maybe we can get together after the holidays.

  • Hey all you Sacred Denial folks. Any chance one of you has a spare copy of the first LP? I went to play it on our last radio show and it turns out that mine is a bit warped 🙁

  • Can anyone who subscribed to updates for comments of this post let me know if they got an email when I posted this? Just leave a comment here and tell me. I’m testing to see if this is working.

  • wow! this is great. feels like i`m a little kid again. remembering the practices in the basement. my name is eddie. i`m anthonys brother.reading this stuff brings back alot of memories. thanx for the e-mail ken. mike, 227 just got sold last year. doesn`t even look the same anymore.but i can still see everything in my mind like i`m stiil there watching you guys sittng on the steps. waiting for practice to start,leaving on the bus to go on tour.ken,mike,janus a.k.a. gutter juice. hope to get together with you guys. i love to remember and talk about anthony. i remember alot of the people that posted hare. it`s pretty cool. steven i don`t know if i have anymore stuff, other than the stuff i gave you. garry i`d love toget some of the cd`s you have. over the years i`ve given alot away to friends and family. so i only have 2 left. anthony`s birthday is coming dec. 7th happy birthday bro. hope to read more in the future. thanx again ken. eddie

  • MXV, I have some copies of the first lp, may be a little warped. I didn’t get E-mail notification either.

    A reunion is probably overdue. Ken and Janus, let’s try for 2006. Great to hear from Eddie. I still drive by 227 a couple times a year when visiting the area. Look forward to seeing everyone again.

  • hi guys wow someone told me about this site and here i am im kens wife drummer from NORTH… we own home in clifton with 3 awesome kids all of them share thier dads love of music they think its the greatest thing to see daddy on an album we would love to see everyone again Ken congrats on the new baby a little late we see your mom and dad often eddie hi saw chris last tues hope everyone is well please contact us we are in te book take care everyone this is great kim draney(duck) my pet name from ant!!!

  • I met Ant fishing at the Passaic River when we were both about 13 . I recognized him at Columbus Middle School the following year and we quickly became friends . I auditioned for lead singer of SD and realized singing wasn’t in my future so I abandonded that hope but maintained my friendship with him and future lead man Janus . I have great memories of the band , playing at City Hall for public access TV , rehearsals and recording at Sanctuary Studios in Roseland . The punk and hardcore scene changed me as a person and Ant used to break my balls for wearing a Misfits shirt that the guys in Metallica wore in a press photo . I still have my personal copy of the ” Life’s Been Getting To Me ” LP complete with my name in the liner notes and a There Goes the Neighborhood t-shirt . We graduated high school and parted ways . I moved to San Francisco in 93 and moved back to NJ in 97 . I ran into Ant at Connections in the winter of 97 and it was great to see him and catch up on old times . It really hurt to learn what had happened to him . I ran into the former owner of Connections ( Terry ) a few days ago and it brought back lots of memories . I want to say hello to all who remember me and please feel free to get in touch . I’m still in Clifton ( most of the year ) and look forward to catching up with anyone who was involved with that amazing scene .

  • Greetings!
    Thanks Mike for sending me this site link, even though it took me 6 months to actually get here! WOW, how cool to see notes from the old gang! I’m not sure if any of you will come back to the site but ‘HELLO!’ anyway. I’m sure a couple of you will remember me…Michelle, big white hair, tons of makeup, Anthony ever attached to my hip 😉 I fondly reflect on the SD years (and even beyond). I read a comment on a music site last year…the person said “Sacred Denial was really good, I don’t know why they weren’t more popular.” For what you guys played – for that time – I wholeheartedly agree!

    Take care of yourselves. Of course, if anyone felt like getting in touch with me, please do, it feels good to reminisce from time to time.

  • Hi all,
    My laziness has prevented me from responding earlier but it’s brilliant to see everyone’s posts.
    Kim, I hope the family is fine and make sure to give Ken my best. It’s good to see the comments from Eldar who starts by remembering Anthony fishing. Some of my fondest memories are fishing with Ant – throwing the boat on the roof of his car, heading off and knowing some craziness would occur. Anthony was an amazing person who truly had an impact on my life. I think about him often and he occasionally has a cameo in a dream. I want to call Eddie much more than I do especially in July and December but don’t because I don’t want to bother – but Eddie & Chris – time and again you are in my thoughts.
    Janus, Mike, Eddie, Kim and Michelle let’s plan on getting together before we drift further apart. I know it’s always hard to arrange this sort of thing but this is our chance. Let’s first figure out the “when”. If anyone gets this and is interested – keep in touch.

    PS – James, keep it going.

    Ken Seely

  • IT’s been a year since anyone has posted. I played with Trance for a whle (bass). Just saying hello.

  • I want to thank you guys for letting me into your world. I have not gotten the music out of my head. I still have all the albums.I have been to a couple shows in 07. Cool but not the same. RIP Ant and Kim.
    Mikey I need a cardiologist. Got room for an old prom date?
    Janu, I hope your your Mom and Renett are great. I’m happy to hear your married and happy. xo
    I keep hinin about Auggie Peace

  • Ps anyone know what happened to johnny LA or steve cosmano? Or even billy tortugal? I have more! Peace

  • What a blast from the past I use to play drums on the early sd recordings and I was the atlantic records exec who sighned lucys trance I was so happy to see posts from kris, michelle and everyone I miss all you guys and wish all is well I was with ant a couple of times at coney island high back when he was in charge of booking the bands he had booked iggy pop and the following week he had missing persons so we had a blast so sad that he’s no longer with us I’ll never forget our jam sessions in his basement once every few years I would run into Steve cosmano he was taking classes on recording/studio engineering in NYC I still fight for team renzo gracie and one of my team mates is harley flanagan from the cromags over the years I’ve earned one Grammy for inner circle best new reggae artist and 2 billboard awards I have a small label that puts out dj music and own bubbys burritos let’s have a reunion or something my email is love you all peace bt.

  • ps mike young the guy who ran forefront records lives in Hoboken and is semi married to a philipino boy . Stranger things have happened

  • Wow, what a walk down memory lane today. First Bill calls (still talking 100 words a second, lol), then a google search of SD turns up this page and a lot of other sites. Nice to see the impact is still there after all these years. Forefront was a blast for the 11 years I ran it. Sacred Denial was the first band on the label and still my favorite. It was Ant that twisted my arm and got me into the record business to begin with. I had just discovered punk music and SD was one of the first bands I saw live. Can’t remember whether it was at the HS in Union or at the Rainbow Lounge in Passaic.

    I would love to get together with all of you again. As Bill said, I’m still in Hoboken and as married as is allowed . Great to hear everyone is doing well after all the time that’s gone by. I’ll try and follow the comments on here and keep up now that I know there’s a site.

  • Before I forget my buritto shop has a bit of a punk flare to it and on the outside entrance cement step I carved in a sd logo along with various stickers in the side window of sacred denial as well as my team renzogracie stuff still representing after all these years wat wat!!!

  • Wow congrats money mike and hello! I spoke to bill and yea still talks a mile a minute. Now I can’t wait to see everyone. Guido, let me let me know if u need help putting somethin together. Peace Krys

  • I’m looking for some information anyone may have on a band called Malignant Tumor. I was told the band was from the Clifton/Passaic area and saw a flier for a show in Union with both Malignant Tumor and Sacred Denial so I figured it was worth a shot to post on here. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

  • yay sacred denial reunion July 5th looking forward to seeing everyone at mike d & sue’s place including all my fellow woodrow Wilson drummers who I knew before the sd days(David stump who I remember going over to his house one day after school and checking out his new Rama set) and ken drainey another woodrow buddy from back in 7th&8thgrade who later ended up drumming for sd thats soo kool hope to see Steve cosmano or dave from aod or some of the Lucas trance guys as well

  • Karin here…an early gf of Janus…what an incredible band with such diverse talent…ahhhh the stories I could tell during that insane SD time….I’m saddend to hear of Anthony’s transition…his musical spirit…shewww…his tenacity for music for all those who knew him…you know. I remember endless nights at the recording studio and never quite understood how Michelle ever kept up with it all! Congrats on all you post-band individual successes…soooo nice to read about it all! SD remains an integral part of my life and am grateful for all the adventures it brought. Life in the land of Karin Korb is as always, brilliant….wishing you all nothing short of continued abundance! – KK

  • Karin K, thanks for the kind words.
    Reunion is planned for July 5th at my home.
    You are more than welcome to come.

    Anyone close to us at that time should feel free to email me and get more info on the reunion.

  • I cannot wait for this reunion. Of course if You and Sue need anything at all, I am happy to help. Karin, I am in awe of you. You are truely blessed. I am spiritually aware as well, and after 22 years I am abandoning my career to truely be in simple service to others. I am learning Reiki etc and I have applied to Amnesty International and to the Peace Corps. I first have some health issues to contend with but I am looking into raw food therapy. I am training to Roadrace Motorcycles for Wera and I am a control rider at several racetracks for roadracing motorcycles. I track ride all over the country with a great group of people from Brooklyn. More later. Bill youre still crazy and I cannot wait to see you. Money Mike are you comin?
    all good things xo Krys

  • I’m definitely up for it. Can’t wait to hear the jams again. Just debating whether to bring some OE 800 . See y’all the 5th.

  • Anyway, after I got out of Rahway in 97 I moved to Idaho. I started to study martial arts. Black belt American Kenpo Karate. Black belt Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Muai Thai & Vale Tudo competitions, mostly wins. In and out of AA. Still work out hard. Bad fucking attitude. Punk Rocka. FTW 🙂

  • JS,
    ….big fan of Muai Thai….proud of you and your accomplishments….especially the “in” version of “AA”…I trust you’ll keep at that and don’t call me a bitch right now in your head 🙂 Always sending you love and light, KK

    P.S. Krys…you rock girl….way to work the power of the feminine….i’m lovin’ that! xo me

  • OMFG. I can’t believe you are all together on one Web site! I come back to visit one in a while but not much more. Living over seas right now, just got out of the Army but still playing guiter. I hope everyone is doing well.


  • Rik Bell rocks! He played in my band Coven Of Hate for awhile. I wonder if he still has that black Thunderbird….

  • Hi all. I need to get in touch with Money (Muddy) Mike bad. If someone has his contact info or if you see this Mike get in touch tabosphere [at] gmail [dot] com – Thanks so much to anyone that can help! I was/am also a big SD fan too.


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