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S.N.O.T. – Slaughterhouse 7″ (1986 KML Records)

Back when I was doing my fanzine (Spontaneous Combustion) there was a little label called KML Records that started sending me records to review. The label was run by one of the guy in Maggot Sandwich, and of course I was sent their records to review, along with this one.

S.N.O.T. stands for Slime from the Nose Of Texas. They were from Texas yet were on this Florida label. I imagine the guys in Maggot Sandwich must have played a show with them and became friends with them or something. S.N.O.T. only put out this one single, which was a pretty good hardcore record that came out at a time that a lot of hardcore bands were starting down the path of metal (which in most cases was the same road as the path of suck). After this single, they vanished, never to release another record again. This single came on both blue and black vinyl. I think somewhere I still have a sticker with the sleeve art on it too.

I have no idea what happened to them or what they are doing now. As always if you were in the band, or have any information, please get in touch. Unfortunately I lost touch with the KML fellow a million years ago so I can’t get in touch for any stories.


  • geez, they were one of my favorite bands to play at the Twilite Room, I remember selling T-shirts for them at a show

  • i remember this band from when i lived in Houston. I saw them a few times (though at that time in my life, I’d have a hard time recalling what I really saw). I think they moved to FLA. and I never saw them again. Why FLA I always wondered? Can i get a whole copy of this thing?

  • craig, i rememeber those days in houston(barely)when snot played at axiom and at a bunch of skate competitions back in the day…..would be nice to get hold of this whole album.

  • well, we never moved to fla. and we did record some other stuff though kml took off with all of our recordings. we did do another thing with kml called “war between the states” and i only got one copy. anyway it is realy cool when i come across things like this. i will keep in touch and can be reached at for the coment.

  • I am trying to find Mike Graham AKA Vik Kaos from Maggot Sandwich. He is an old friend of mine from over 20 years ago. I believe he is now living in the Ft. Walton area of Florida if any one can help I would appreciate it!

  • S.N.O.T. I remember back around 1986 I was able to hang out with these guys as well as see them live! What a kick ass show!One of my favorite Houston bands. I am pretty sure their drummer ended up joining Sick Mentality who was fronted by J.J. formerly of the Offenders from Austin, another brilliant Texas group.

  • I’ve got a copy of that KML video with Snot, Maggot Sandwhich & Workin Muthas. Awesome video in it’s day.

    I’d love to get permission to show it on the website some day. Great piece of history.


    I saw Maggot Sandwich and a few other KML bands when I lived in Pensacola. Apparently, the lead guy formed a right-wing band and label called Immaculate Deception. You can still buy some of the old KML records for completely ridiculous prices.

    I saw that video. It was decent for its day.

  • Dave in reply to your question about Maggot Sandwich memebers

    Vik Kaos- Guitars, Vocals
    Steve Kaos – Drums
    Kaptain Krap – Bass

    Other early members

    Buzz Zerk – Vocals, Harmonica “Dead To My World 45″ and the ‘Adding Insult to Injury” demo cassette
    Kandy Gram – Keyboards and voclas

    There were other members of later versions of this group, but these are the early members.

  • Twilite Room was in Deep Ellum in Dallas, one of the first clubs down there. I wish I still had my S.N.O.T shirt

  • yes I’am the orginal bass player for Snot, I’am still in Houston,Texas. I’am suprise to see this web site of us back in the day and trying to contact the old band members of Snot-slime from the nose texas. please reply back, Ali.

    • Ali,
      Man, what a ride back in time. I read your response on this web-site and said holy shit, your 57, me too. jk. All is good. Hope all is good with you. Later Chris.

      • Chris!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex?????????? ALI!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!?! Hey man. Chris Wilson, John Campbell, Jeff Lopez and myself are still in close communication. John talks to Bones. Jimmy Z, and a bunch of the old crew. Anthony is M.I.A., Looking for him. We need a reunion. Those years were pivotal, and we all miss the old crew. Pik-N-Pak throwdown with an E-7 invasion with kegs and ????????????? is in order. Henshaw! You in town, or Fla? You guys can reach me @ NO!!! I won’t wahoo you beer. Don’t care if Gang Green is playing. We will drink theirs. Hit me back!!!

  • This is Vik Kaos of Maggot Sandwich and Immaculate Deception. ID is not a right wing band, we are sarcastic and some people are too stupid to understand sarcasm. Im an anarchist so dumb shits on the left call me right wing and dumb shits on the right call me left wing. I dont like or respect democrats or republicans, they are both idiots. Hello to SNOT and my old friend Abdul Malik Ali.

  • Vik this is Ali man I’am glad to here your reply, and would like to see the video of us back in the day. I’am 57 yrs of age now and stii listen to our music. I’am still looking forward to here from spiderman cris and James Rogers. well give shout to rest of your band members and fans. Ali

  • Vik this Ali man good to here your reply, looking forward to see the video of us back in the day and looking to here from spiderman Chris and James Rogers. give a shout out the rest of your band members and fans Ali Snot sline from the nose of texas.

  • Ralph Ulrich is doing a PIK-N-PAK reunion show in December of 20010. I told him that I would work on S.N.O.T. doing a reunion show since it has been almost 25 years since I saw you guys play last.

    Pleas contact me if there is any chance of you guys getting back together for a badass show.

    Please contact me!!

  • Hello All –

    My name is kevin bakos. I did the cover art
    for this 7″ – I still see the singer Alex from
    time to time when he visits my record store
    in Houston. I have his contact info at home
    if any band members are interested. He is living
    near East Bernard TX making leather goods for gift
    shops and apparently doing quite well. Hey to you Ali!!


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