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The Brainz – Elementary Monster/Terra 7″ (1979 self-released)

Even before Teds, The Brainz would be the first band in what spawned that whole Placebo Records Phoenix punk scene. 3/5 of this band would eventually be in Mighty Sphincter and be a contributing force of that scene at the time.

The Brainz sole musical output, to the best of my knowledge, is this 7″. They released it themselves but Placebo Records would end up selling it through their catalog well into the mid-80s. The band consisted of Wayne Frost, Doug Clark, Clark Stokes, Joe Albanese, and John Stewart. Wayne, Doug and Joe would all end up in Mighty Sphincter at some point, with Doug being the founding memeber of Mighty Sphincter along with Greg Hynes of Teds.

Where are they now? Doug Clark is sill in Mighty Sphincter and they still play occasional shows and are recording a new record soon. He is actually clinically insane or something to that effect, and the state pays him to stay home! He is quite a talented musician though. I believe Wayne and Joe are still around and one of them might still be playing music, if not both of them. I am not sure about the other fellows who were in the band.

As always if you have any information or were a member of the band, please get in touch.



  • This is the first webpage I’ve seen for this great virtually unknown record since I looked for a web presence a couple years ago. The Brainz 7-inch is certainly one of my absolute faves from the late-70’s.

    I’ve played this record privately for several people, and almost everytime, they’ve flipped for it, too. One interesting description I’ve heard for it was “a cross between early Sabbath and Silver Apples.” When I play the record on the radio from time to time, I always get a phonecall from someone curious about it.

  • not to dismiss Greg’s contribution to Sphincter over the years, but you need to give credit where credit’s due; the late Doug Goss was the original drummer in Sphincter and arguably provided the name based on a conversation he had with an agitated cell mate in Maricopa county lock-up. I’ve also heard Doug C. lay claim to coming up the name. Regardless, the Brainz were a great band and it good to see someone recognize them..

  • I have this single too! I knew some of these guys in the 70’s. They were a little older than I was. I used to show up at Doug Clark’s house occasionally like he was my buddy. He never gave me the brush off I probably deserved. I was also at the legendary X-O-Rama show featuring The Brainz and other bands. Recently I was shocked to discover that I still had a flier from X-O-Rama:

  • this little record is just fantastic!
    is there a way to get an original copy of it?
    or does anyone sell his copy?

  • Greetings from none other than BRAINZ co-guitar player Clark Stokes aka Cliff Hanger! On the record cover, I am the one on the top right corner. Top left is Wayne Frost, who played the synthesizer. My roommate Joe Albanese (bottom left) was our bass player. Doug Clark (bottom right) played lead gutiar. His song writing style was truly ahead of his time.

    Missing from the pic on the cover was my good friend and BRAINZ drummer John Stewart! I think he had just turned 15 at the time we recorded this. He was an awesome young drummer. John was with the band for the vast majority of the bands life. I don’t know why he is not on the cover?

    THANKS for listening! I’m glad to see you enjoy it

    I still have several copies of this 45. I will be getting both songs put on CD and make them available.

  • Here I am! Clark Stokes here….
    (Top right on the cover)
    Thanks for listening! I am glad you like this these 2 little numbers. After almost 30 years, these these songs are still stuck in my head. Classic! More later

  • hey clark!
    that’s fantasic to hear… please let me know when you’ll put this songs on cd and when you will release them!
    if you still have some copies of the vinyl would you sell a piece to me please???
    my email is mortuga[at]gmx[dot]net.


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