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Selections from The Punk Vault [Mystic Sampler #2]

Various Artists – Mystic Sampler #2 (1985 Mystic Records)

In continuing looking back at a time when the compilation was king, we have the second in the Mystic Sampler series. While Mystic Records and Doug Moody has its share of detractors, one thing that can’t be argued is the label and man put out some great hardcore records.

One year after the first label sampler, Mystic released the second one, and it was every bit as good as the first. Once again, this record exposed me to even more bands, most importantly the Flower Leperds, whose song “Preachers Confession” made me an instant fan of the band and made me seek out any and everything they did. Another band that I heard for the first time because of this compilation was RKL, whose track is featured here, and remains my favorite song of theirs. For some odd reason, it was not included on the RKL CD Mystic released in recent past. I would attribute that most likely to Doug being old, and not remembering everything these days.

There was three pressings of this record. The first pressing was 1000 on blue vinyl. The second pressing was on black vinyl (probably another 500 or 1000) and the third pressing was on purple marbled vinyl (around 500 pressed).

I am sure eventually there will be a proper CD reissue of these sampler comps, I know I’d certainly like to see one.

Click here to hear “Evil in You” by RKL from the record (right click and “save target as…”)


  • Man I used to love getting comp cd’s and records. Some of the best musice I have ever found have been on Son of Slam comps and the first Give em the Boot didn’t leave the tape deck in my car for almost a year. I love how they are a ton of bands and a ton of songs. I think I’m getting teary eyed with memories. AWWWW….I may have to go dig up my son of slam cd’s.

  • Ive been looking for rkl everywhere and cant find any of there albums where i live in the uk. thanks man.great single,Have you any rare live tracks by circle jerks or d.i.

  • Ohhh, this was one of my favorite LPs from my teenage years. I had the blue vinyl version and I so wish I hadn’t sold it. I’m trying to get ahold of another one, which I will have a CD made out of.


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