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Cyanamid – Stop the World, I Want to Get Off 7″ (1984 Mutha Records)

This band is somewhat of a mystery to me. I first heard them on the New Jersey’s Got It? Compilation on the long-defunct Buy Our Records. It was a lot of years before I ever ran into a copy of their one and only 7″ which was released on Mutha Records. They also released a demo tape prior to this (which I’d appreciate a copy of if anyone has it)

Aside from knowing the band hailed from New Jersey, I know nothing else about them or what became of them.

The band consisted of:
Dan Mulleavey – vocals
Sparky – bass
Chris – drums
Jim – guitar

As always if you have any additional information, or were a member of Cyanamid, please get in touch.

Listen to “I Love PBJ’s” from the record (right click and “save target as…”)


  • Hey i was a friend of dannys but we called him dead rat. havent seen him in almost 20 years. but we use to party crazy. I was also friends with jims brother we use to ride bikes together. Jim had and may still have a store in somerville NJ selling
    gargoyle statues. i could remeber him making electric guitars in the garage so he could smash them on stage. how cool is that. they played alot in brunswick patricks was a big venue for them. that bar was in like the worst part of the city. thanks for the song bud but hey Id like you to make stop the world available for download. you would really make this old thrasher feel young again

  • Just came upon this site. This brings back many memories for me.I use to sit and watch them at the court tavern and other places not to mention their practices in jim’s basement. Funny how jim’s mom and dad never did mind.They’re so cool.I believe cyanamid should reunite.Jim is remarried now & still lives nearby.

  • hi chris – thanks for the link. the fun part: you’re “friends” with my ex-bands myspace fanpage, haha.

    could you get me a copy of that demo and whatever else you have? hope you don’t mind me posting the entire CYANAMID vinyl output!

  • I can see what I can do about the stuff from the tape. I gave away most of what I had but I have some stuff and I might be able to get something from one of the other guys. We are suppose to have some stuff released in Begium soon thanks to the guys in Agathocles doing a split with us to help bring us back from the dead. I think it’s great that you posted our record. Being that Muther record got closed down for being bad boys we never made any money but that wasn’t the worst part we didn’t get the all records pressed and we couldn’t get them out to everyone who wanted them. Back to the split it will have some old studio stuff that never got out.

  • My favorite Nj band of all time! My band(Pleased Youth) used to play with them all the time around New Brunswick.
    They looked like a bunch of guys who worked the night shift at the American Cyanamid chemical plant.Fantastic live band – nothing was better than Danny bellowing and berating the crowd.Cyanamid reunion ? C’mon guys !

  • Greg
    Could you please email me at punkvault at gmail dot com? I’d like to do one of these features on Pleased Youth and would love to get some history from you on the band.

  • Saw them at Patrix 20+ yrs ago. Worked with Jim and Nancy around the same time. Hijack:Hi Nancy, hope you check in once in a while. Havent seen you since i left CFPA 20 yrs ago.

  • I have the Cyanamid 7″ep with the cover and insert which only 300 had them. It’s a Killer! 7”ep and one of my favorites! I run a small label called “Scared Youth Records” It would be great if any band members of the band would contact me to put out a Limited 7″ep of the old demo songs that so people have not heard before. My email address is to contact me through.


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