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Various Artists – That was Then, This is Now 7″ (1986 Plus Records)

This one flew under my radar when it was first released and I didn’t acquire one for about 2 years or so after it was released, when my friend Vince traded me his copy. While he liked Ruin, he hated the FOD song with a passion. That worked to my favor I guess because he ended up giving up this thing to me. I on the other hand, loved the FOD track. While to him it was just “noise”, to me it was hardcore gold!

This record was the first release on Plus Records, who also brought us records from The Serial Killers, Legitimate Reason, and a couple others. Pretty much everything on the label was good and they certainly got off on the right foot with this compilation. This comp features Ruin, Scram, Electric Love Muffin, and FOD, all of them were from Philadelphia, PA, as was the label.

This particular FOD song was recorded live. The studio version can be found on their Love Songs 7″. It is raw, fast and loud, and far more “hardcore” than the version on the aforementioned 7″. There was two pressings of this record. The first had a thin, glued sleeve and came with an insert and stickers. The second had a hard, folded sleeve, different back cover, and did not come with stickers. The labels were different colors as well and the second press adds “vol.2” on the label to indicate it is the second pressing.

As always, if you have any additional information, or were the person responsible for Plus Records, please get in touch.

Listen to “Meat Factory” by FOD from the record


  • My name is Jeff Rosen.Myself and Mark Pingitore with help from a few friends put out the “That was then” comp. The record was done to showcase what was happening in Philly at the time.

    A couple of pieces of trivia.

    The front cover was taken after the demolition of the Love Hall, phillys best all age punk hall. The back wall is shown in the picture.

    The back cover was taken at the Kennel club after I think after an Adolescent’s show.

    The first pressing was 1000, the 2nd pressing was 1000, I believe, it sold quickly.

    Let me know if there is anything else you need to know.

  • Well Jeff, you beat me to it! I was just about to write down everything that you just did. What should I do with the remaining few I’ve still in the original boxes from the record pressing plant?

  • Yeah, I was gonna post, didn’t Mark from Pagan Babies put this out with one of his friends? You mailed me a couple, I think. It’s been almost 20 years, man. get in touch.

  • holy shit ,im names bruce, i was the drummer in mark pingitore’s “pagan babies” punk band from philly. id love to meet up with fellow old ass punks from those days.i havent heard from any band members in fuckin ages. please help me contact them..bruce boyd

  • Hey guys! I saw you back in the day in Philly! Your cassette still rocks, and I’d love to get another copy~ Major flashbacks!!! Mark, it’s been awhile! I’d love for you to check out my new music, my band just got signed! Drop me a line… My gig is electro-industrial. It’s called Brainclaw.
    Talk soon,

  • Mark, Bruce, Jeff, et al..

    I’m Mickey. My and my buddy Tony used to do a ‘zine called Threatening Society. Did lots of interviews with those great Philly bands from the 80s (Pagan Babies, Legitimate Reason, Homo Picnic, Scram, FOD, etc.).

    Tony and I are still buddies, and we’re working on putting all of the previous issues online. I thought it might be neat to talk with folks who were in those bands or active in the Philly scene then (Kennel Club, Pizazz, Love Hall, etc).

    Please drop me a line!


  • mark, i’d be interested in one of the copies if it is still available. i’ve been hunting for stuff from ruin and scram for some time now. my buddy jerry b. used to live with the bass player from ruin. i haven’t seen either of them for many years.

  • Wow, a blast from the past! Mark, I’d love to obtain a copy of the 7″. I have some cash now (no longer a very poor rocker) so I can pay for the shipping etc. I don’t think I ever got one or maybe had one but lost it during one of my 18 moves in the 80’s. I played the lead guitar for ruin. I’m still in the philly area. This site is really neat and it’s great to connect w/the old heads. email me at Thanks. Peace. damon

  • Hey – this is Wayne from Delaware. I used to put on shows with the Pagan Babies, Legit Reason and Trilogy of Terror (anyone know where Laurie is?).

    I also put out a few 7’s – Catch of the Day w/Shudder to Think and Unrest; a couple of Zen Guerilla 7″s; and a few other things.

    If any of you old cats are still floating aorund, I’m back in town. Drop me a line.

  • yo, pingitore. the pride of frankford.whats up!!! its big sauce droppin a line.bruce,michael,dan,eric,money .tweets,sean money..whats up fellas.


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