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The Next – Make it Quick 7″ (1979 Sharp Records)

Texas is famous for its great (and in many cases relatively unknown) punk bands. From the more popular ones such as The Dicks, Big Boys, Butthole Surfers, DRI, and The Offenders, to the more obscure (except to record collectors) like Hugh Beaumont Experience, The Huns, Vomit Pigs, and The Next, the state has an impressive track record for great bands.

It was when this single was included on the Deep in the Throat of Texas compilation LP that I first heard it and fell in love with it. The record has three songs, and all of them are amazing early punk tracks full of attitude.

According to the liner notes of said compilation, The Next were from Austin Texas and formed in the wake of the Sex Pistols playing a show in San Antonio. The Next became a regular band performing at Raul’s (and are included on the Live at Raul’s compilation) probably because their singer, Ty Gavin, was a bartender at the club. In their small time together the band went through a few lineup changes and put out only two 7″s, this one and their second one titled Kick Ass (which I am in need of if anyone can help me out). According to what I’ve read, their sound changed quite a bit on the second single and it wasn’t nearly as good. Where the members are now is anyone’s guess.

As always if you have any additional information, or were a member of The Next, please get in touch.

Listen to “Monotony” from the record


  • You’re probably going to beat me in this blog battle, but at least I found out about a cool new blog. I have my own share of punk singles and lps, but god I haven’t looked at them in ages.

  • Ty Gavin singer of The Next has a new band called The S.A. Creeper. Drummer Arthur Hays was also in The Next, as well as The Ideals, The Mystery Dates, Bang Gang and The Hickoids. Guitarist David Norwood was also in The Mystery Dates. You can check out flyers from some of these bands at

  • Manney, thanks for the info. Would you by chance have any links or current contact info/email where I can get in touch with any of the former members?

  • I have mp3 tracks of the Kicks Ass EP and if you want to hear it, let me know. Kicks Ass EP is nowhere near as good as Make It Quick EP and it’s very disappointing. The Next were going in a different direction with Kicks Ass.

    • I wrote “Monotony” in London before I met Ty and Kathy Valentine at Randy’s Rodeo at the Sex Pistols concert. The 2nd 7″ was recorded after I left the band. The Next was founded by me(as guitarist) and Ty Gavin after we had written a couple of songs together.
      Also, The Next was the House Band at Raul’s because the first core Punks in Austin could dance to our songs.
      I am a producer now. I living in Austin, Tx. at this time. Ty & I keep in touch.

  • Sorry to inform you, but The Next drummer Arthur Hays has just passed away due to liver cancer.

    Rest In Peace Arthur

  • R.I.P., Rest in Prison, Athur’s not dead, I got a letter from him a couple of weeks ago. He’s at the Dominguez Facility just outside S.A. , that was just bad info. Write to him, he’s got a million stories about back then. Barry Gavin was bartender, I don’t think I was a bartender at Raul’s (?) back then, ( I threw a few people out of Raul’s) and we were on the motherfucker because we were one of the main bands on the scene. (Pussies) I don;t even remember what was on the second EP! You could compare them and say one was better, whatever. We weren’t narrow-minded enough to be the most uncompromising band but we stayed true to ourselves even through our mutations and changes. It was a time to be experimental and challenging. One of my favorite parts was the french horn part on TVS played by bassplayer Richard Hays, who is dead.

  • OK I dug up, stumbled on is more like it the 2nd EP and TVS had Richard on the french horn, that was good. There was a video that was good for TVS filmed in Austin with an assortment of local characters. We had some real guns for that. The other two songs were chosen because they were popular with the Raul’s crowd. I played the swirly guitar on LITTLE GIRLS. Davey Jones played the real guitars and was badass as with everything he does. WOMEN SHOULD BE WILDER was whatever. If you want a real definitive view of the WHOLE Austin Punk scene in it’s embryonic state with everybody from every band seek out THE NEXT MOVIE.

  • Ty is correcto about Arthur- he’s still kickin’. Arthur has been corresponding from behind bars and does indeed have plenty of stories to regale from ye old days. The latest letter I got from Arthur said he is undergoing treatment for the cancer in the liver. If anyone has a good attitude about life that could beat an illness it would be Arthur.

  • As Ty says, the 2nd EP of The NEXT, “Kick Ass”, was good in it’s own way. Despite the comments of some earlier posters, the 2nd incarnation of The NEXT was a great band with Ty Gavin on vocals, Davey Jones on Guitar, Richard Hays (RIP) on bass and his brother, Arthur Hays on drums. The first NEXT was with Skip Seven and Lee Shupe(spelling)? and Arthur Hayes. Each NEXT was a bit different but they were both great in their own way. I have both “Make It Quick” and “Kick Ass” but they are in some long forsaken box in my parent’s attic along with a pretty good collection of Next! posters. I also have some NEXT live cassette tapes from Raul’s or from rehearsals.

  • I got to know the second Next band who made the 2nd EP “Kick Ass” much better (with the Hays Brothers and Davey Jones) more than the first one due to not being really old enough to get into Rauls consistently until finally I turned 18 in 1980 when the 2nd band was around. One would go to their shows and see the often bizarre antics of the tall and frequently strange but gentle genius, Richard Hays, often sporting some new version of a mohawk, the brilliantly creative Davey Jones, often wearing a full suit and military haircut (he had come out of Fort Hood?) and who would sometimes fall over toasted drunk with his gold Les Paul and Marshall but who did great background vocals and wrote a lot of the songs and then Richard’s brother, Arthur Hays who was a fantastic, natural drummer with no formal training and yet, who came up with the most interesting drum parts ever plumbed straight from the depths of the Twilight Zone! Interestingly, Richard and Arthur Hays were raised in a household with a very artistic but very religious Baptist mother who insisted on her sons memorizing large parts of the Bible. To this day, Arthur Hays can both quote Scripture as well as do fantastic tatoo artwork.

    And then there was Ty. Born William “Ty” Gavin, the son of a NY City military man of Irish descent and a San Antonio Latina woman of the Villanueva family, Ty had (still has) an incredible stage presence, a magnetism unmatched by any other person who ever sang on the stage of Raul’s.

  • In his early life, Ty was raised and transferred through various Catholic schools in several places including Manhattan (we was once an altarboy at St. Patrick’s Cathedral). Ty made his way through school and eventually the family moved back to San Antonio where Ty began a virtual tour of the city’s school system, often getting kicked out of or transferred through nearly half of San Antonio’s high schools. In one of these high schools, Ty met Arthur Hays, a friendship that has endured now for over 30 years. Even then, as Ty was shuffled from school to school, Ty seemed propelled by an explosive intensity that later drove him to the emotional singing heights that others only dreamed of reaching.

    In the Raul’s days Ty never had any voice training or slick polish but just plenty of sincerity, raw, gutsy emotion and bleeding-edge intensity. Ty probably weighed somewhere between 140 to 150 in these days (actually he still does!) but yet he had an ENORMOUS voice the size of a 10-ton Mack gravel truck that belted out (along with the afore-mentioned gravel!) all the angst and frustration of an entire generation.

    All too many of the other singers who sang at Raul’s were all too often little more than competing comedians and shallow posers. Ty on the other hand, was different. One immediately sensed Ty was dead serious… he actually MEANT what he sang and he sang it with a startling power and force that caused everyone present to stop talking, put down their beers and stare transfixed at Ty’s brilliant intensity. Ty would careen from raging anger in one
    song to sadness in another to shades of sincere and romantic passion in another with an intense stage drama that seemed to flow absolutely effortlessly from him with no two shows ever being quite the same. At their height, the NEXT played in top billing and even opened up for The Psychedelic Furs.

  • Many great NEXT songs that never made it to vinyl or CD. “My Way”, “Automatic Fun” (buzz, click, click, do it again!), “Jealous Mind” (My J-J-J-Jealous Mind), “Foul Mouth Locals”, “Maybe I’m Invisible”, “The Ideal Song” and a host of others (I’ve probably left off some of the best). A lot of these were written by the abundantly creative Davey Jones and Richard Hays who were previously playing together as The Ideals and later played as The Hickoids.

    Others were by Mike Runnels (sp). And some great covers “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” And even though it was recorded once on vinyl, the ultimate NEXT song “Real Love” was one of Ty’s greatest signature songs: (From Real Love “I look up to the see the stars but instead all I see is streetlights and in them I see a lot that makes up my love!”

    The NEXT was one of the most under-rated bands of Raul’s if not Texas and one can only hope that their music is not completely forgotten. The NEXT described above didn’t last much into 1981 and then Ty put together several other incarnations of this band (including one with yours truly) and then eventually went out to California for awhile before returning to Austin and then eventually to San Antonio where he resides as of this writing
    (7/23/2010). There is talk of a possible Raul’s reunion in September, 2010. Sadly, Richard Hays (the bassist) passed away tragically early. His brother Arthur had been in prison on an alledged substance abuse issue and may now be out (Before Arthur went to prison, he and Ty had been playing together again (along with myself), Paul Harpel and David Norwood in the 2005-2006 period with SA Creeper.


    Ken G, Austin TX 7/23/09 (Hey, Ty’s birthday is around this part of July, isn’t it?)


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