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The many flavors of: Black Randy – Idi Amin 7″

In continuing with some Dangerhouse Records variations, it is no surprise that one of the founders of the label would see his band’s record have a couple variations. In 1978, the second Black Randy and the Metrosquad 7″ was released and came in three different flavors. It is assumed these were all done at the same time as it is highly unlikely this single sold so many copies that it needed to be reordered. It is likely they just decided for whatever reason to mix up the colors for fun.

It came on black vinyl,
black vinyl

the more desirable and harder to find green vinyl,
green vinyl

and the seemingly most scarce orange vinyl.
orange vinyl

Of all the variants, the black vinyl is easily the most common. No one seems to know the breakdown of how many were made, which likely includes the surviving founders of the label!

So there you have it, the many flavors of the second Black Randy 7″, an acquired taste to say the least but mandatory for Dangerhouse completion.

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  • Black Randy and the Metrosquad are friggin great! Some classic California stuff, for sure! I own “Pass the dust….” one of my faves!


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