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The many flavors of: Black Flag – TV Party 7 inch

Another in a long line of the great early SST releases, this Black Flag 7″ saw a few different variations over the years, and even one partial change in record labels. So let’s kick back with a couple of brews and dig in.

The first pressing was on Unicorn/SST Records and had a full color sleeve.
tv party first pressing

Unicorn also made a promo only 7″ that had the song “TV Party” on both sides.
tv party promo

After SST’s lawsuit with Unicorn was settled, this record was reissued on SST alone, and had a black and white sleeve. This version was in print for many years.
tv party second press

Around 1989/1990, SST started pressing their records on colored vinyl in batches of 1000. This was one of them. They went back to a new and altered full color sleeve and came on red vinyl,
tv party red vinyl

and on yellow vinyl.
tv party yellow vinyl

Since then, it has been reissued yet again on black vinyl with the same full color sleeve as the colored vinyl copies and can be still purchased today.


  • I bought a copy of this record today and the b-sides are listed as “I’ve Got To Run” and “My Rules”. However, when you play the b-side of the record it is a very jazzy new wave type punk song that isn’t Black Flag. Anyone else have this?

  • about the b-side question:

    i came to this website specifically looking for that answer as well. i have this 7″ on black vinyl and on the b-side label it lists “I’ve Got To Run” (1:46) and “My Rules” (1:10). the SINGLE song that is actually on this side is a jazzy new wave type punk song with a singer that doesn’t sound like any Black Flag singers. since the song times were included i timed the jazzy song and it is just a little over 1 minute in length. i thought maybe it could be a different version of “My Rules” because of the similar song lengths, but this sounds NOTHING like the version of “My Rules” that Chavo sings on Everything Went Black.

    i mainly came looking for this answer because i wanted to find out if i bought a bootleg. if anyone knows the answer e-mail me at

  • Watched a Futurama rerun on Tivo last night that featured a fairly long clip of TV Party in the middle of it. Even better was the end credits though, when the Futurama characters sang it themselves!


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