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Panther Piss – Consumer Report 7″

Panther Piss – Consumer Report 7″
Fat Sandwich Records

Panther Piss are a band from Memphis, TN  and I believe this is their first vinyl output. The band plays super loud and heavy punk rock with a hint of lo-fi to their thick sound. The songs are really meaty sounding and aggressive and the singer has one of those really good angry yelling punk voices that just screams intensity.

The two songs on this single compliment each other well. The production is excellent and it has a really raw and meaty sound to it that just oozes with power. I have no idea how long this band has been together but I hope they stick around if this is any indication what they are capable of.

The 7″ comes on black vinyl and has plain yellow labels with no information on it. It comes in a black and white fold-over sleeve and has a download card for the digital copy which is nice and sort of makes up for the minimalist packaging. A pretty solid first piece of wax for this unknown band that I hope to hear more from sometime.

Panther Piss – Consumer Report 7″

A really solid and heavy two-song single that sort of crosses punk rock with noisy amrep style indie punk.

Rating:3.5 stars

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