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Christ On Parade – Sounds of Nature LP (1985 Pusmort Records)

I was in high school when a girl I was friends with told me about this band called Christ on Parade who played at a show she saw at Metro. They opened for a bigger punk band, but I forget which. I remember not going because I didn’t have a ride to the city. Anyway, she bought their record and told me she thought I’d really like it so she loaned it to me. I took it home and played it and was blown away. I was an instant fan and thus started kicking myself for not having gone to that show. I somehow talked the girl into letting me keep the record and I played it to death.

Christ on Parade were from San Francisco, CA and formed in the mid 1980s. To the best of my knowledge, they toured the US once opening for some bigger band like 7 Seconds or someone like that. This was their first record and it was released on Pushead’s label. After this record, they would part ways with their original singer and Noah, who played guitar, would handle the lead vocal duties. I do not know why the original guy left. The band put out a pair of 7″s and one more LP before disbanding.

After they broke up, Noah started a band called Blister who put out a 7″ and a LP and then broke up. He now plays in Neurosis, who were friends of Christ on Parade and played a a bunch of shows together with them. He joined sometime before their Through Silver in Blood album, which was easily the best thing they ever did. I don’t know what happened to the other guys who were in the band. A few years ago, everything except this record was reissued on a CD titled Insanity is a Sane Reaction on the now defunct F.O.A.D. Records, and unfortunately that means the CD is out of print (it also came out as a double green vinyl LP). This first album has never been reissued. There was a rumor years ago that Pushead was going to reissue it again but that never happened I’m afraid and thus a lot of people are missing out on a great record that deserves to be heard.

As always, if you were in the band or have any additional information to share please get in touch.


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  • Christ On Parade West Coast tour- July- August 2007:

    07/27/2007 – Berkeley , CA @ 924 Gilman 941710 W /Final Conflict , Look back and laugh, bumbklaat, Acts of sedition.. all ages, Doors 7 PM $8.

    07/28/2007 – Berkeley , CA @ 924 Gilman 94710 W / Attitude Adjustment , El Dopa, Reagan SS, La Piovra ( italy) all ages, Doors 7 PM $8.

    08/02/2007- San Francisco , CA @Annie’s Social Club 917 Folsom@ 5th, San Francisco, 94108 w/ Born/Dead, Annihilation Time 21+ Doors 9 PM $8

    08/03/2007 _ Portland, OR @ Satyricon 125 NW 6th Avenue 97209 W/ Resist, Dog Soldier, $8 All ages( Bar W/ 21+I.D. ) 7:30 PM

    08/04/2007 – Tacoma, WA @- Hell’s Kitchen 3829 6th Av 98406 W/ Jesus Fucking Christ , Durango 9, Gypsies $10.00 This is a afternoon ( 5 PM) all ages show and bar with ID.

    08/04/2007 – Tacoma, WA @Hell’s Kitchen W/ Toe Tag (ex-Accused) / Jesus Fucking Christ / The Fakies evening show ( 9 PM) 21+ $10

    08/05/2007 -Seattle, WA the Funhouse 206 5th ave N, Seattle washington, – $7.00 EARLY SHOW ( 4 PM) W/ Lesbian, Nothing Left, Jesus Fucking Christ

    08/11/2007-Corona, CA @ Showcase Theatre 683 S. Main St 92882 W/ Reagan Youth, Mouth Sewn Shut, Doomsday Hour $14 All ages 7 PM

    08/12/2007-Hollywood, CA@ Knitting Factory 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 90028 W/ Reagan Youth, Mouth Sewn Shut, Doomsday Hour 7: 30 P.M. $14 all ages

    08/18/2007- San francisco, CA@ Bottom of the Hill 1233 17th St 94107 – W/ ADT. MONSTER SQUAD 10 PM

  • Thanx guys for great show in Roznow, Czech Republic in May this year. We arrived especially for COP from Poland & it was worth of long way. Hope to see you in the future in Poland, if you need help to book some shows feel free to contact me.

  • h
    ope to see you all in hollywood
    tonite guys, i had the privledge
    of watching COP practice quite abit at new method. Nobody really remembers a place before gilman. I still have a bunch of fliers too. I have a few of of those new method shows firmly stored in memory,the christ parade part anyway..made my heart go thupity thumpity!!

  • Barry, Do you guys remember playing Reno? You guys, me and Bessie Wrecks went to see the Breakfast Club! I didnt want to go, cuz it was teeny shit!

  • Yes i do remember seeing it. I didnt like it at the time for the same reason you didnt.. But I like it now. i was just taling about going to see it in Reno last week.

  • I wish I would have heard about your COP reunion shows earlier…but I live under a rock. If you guys (COP, Hellbillys or Plan 9) want to play here again, let me know. Its been about 10 years since Hellbillys played here…

  • I played bass in Raskul for a couple of years, had a great time and played some cool shows. we use to practice in a little 10×10 storage shed in Hayward Ca. It was loud Mike s. had an altered telecaster guitar and a marshall half stack, I had a huge bass amp with a rickenbacker and Mike Ross was a screamer. it was some of the funnest moments of my youth. Now I’m up in Idaho enjoying sticking steelhead in the mouth with a hook. I re-live my days of spikey hair often with a little Bad Brains and alot of Clash. I do have an original Sounds of Nature LP in pretty mint condition that I put on every once in a while. Saw COP many times at the rock on broadway, farm etc… Fond memories of going to Emeryville and Oakland with Mike Scott and drinking lots of beer…. Hey mike Scott and Mike Ross hope you doing well, wish i could have gone to the shows but I’m stuck up here with stuff I had to do (kids and work)

  • Have been a fan of C.O.P., for twenty plus years.First heard them om the “Mold Show” on CJSW radio in Calgary.Seen the “sounds of Nature” LP in a local record shop afew times back in the day, but was not in stock very lomg.A few years later hear thier from the “Skate Rock” tape, thanks to friend, then shortly there after got the nrws they broke up.Two years back find a copy of S.O.N. record, for fithy five bucks(mint).this past Spring hear the oringinal line up is back togther doing hand full of in both the States and Europe.Saw them in S.f.on Aug 2nd the day after my Birthday,thus was present to myself.Got to met everyone in the band, plus two of the Born/dead guys.Even had a song dedicated to me (that Canadian) was a once in life chance, thanks to the many fellow fans and the band!

  • I to was fortunate enough to see COP and Parade back in the day. Great music and they always handed out nice propaganda. Hey Eric G email me Ive always wondered what happened to you. Contact me

  • See you in Tokyo Todd. Make any Buttons ? We will be there 2 hours before you. @@ years ago I started to Organize a COP tour of Japan… Finally goin.

  • Christ On Parade are touring the West coast again and Southwest at the end of the month

  • I’m still holding out hope that CoP’s infamous and fantastic Day At The Farm appearance (1986, I believe) will turn up on video…I know it was shot since I saw the cameras rolling(Target?), but I’ve never heard what became of the tapes. Seeing that show again would epic.


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