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Christ On Parade – Sounds of Nature LP (1985 Pusmort Records)

I was in high school when a girl I was friends with told me about this band called Christ on Parade who played at a show she saw at Metro. They opened for a bigger punk band, but I forget which. I remember not going because I didn’t have a ride to the city. Anyway, she bought their record and told me she thought I’d really like it so she loaned it to me. I took it home and played it and was blown away. I was an instant fan and thus started kicking myself for not having gone to that show. I somehow talked the girl into letting me keep the record and I played it to death.

Christ on Parade were from San Francisco, CA and formed in the mid 1980s. To the best of my knowledge, they toured the US once opening for some bigger band like 7 Seconds or someone like that. This was their first record and it was released on Pushead’s label. After this record, they would part ways with their original singer and Noah, who played guitar, would handle the lead vocal duties. I do not know why the original guy left. The band put out a pair of 7″s and one more LP before disbanding.

After they broke up, Noah started a band called Blister who put out a 7″ and a LP and then broke up. He now plays in Neurosis, who were friends of Christ on Parade and played a a bunch of shows together with them. He joined sometime before their Through Silver in Blood album, which was easily the best thing they ever did. I don’t know what happened to the other guys who were in the band. A few years ago, everything except this record was reissued on a CD titled Insanity is a Sane Reaction on the now defunct F.O.A.D. Records, and unfortunately that means the CD is out of print (it also came out as a double green vinyl LP). This first album has never been reissued. There was a rumor years ago that Pushead was going to reissue it again but that never happened I’m afraid and thus a lot of people are missing out on a great record that deserves to be heard.

As always, if you were in the band or have any additional information to share please get in touch.


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  • I agree with everything said about this great EP.
    I can’t remember where I even heard of Christ on Parade, but I knew this is THE record to get.
    It was hard enough to get aswell, most copies on ebay are pretty expensive, (i even saw it in a shop for AUS$60!) but I got it for AUS$30 which is about US$20.
    It’s in decent enough condition.
    The music is all around awesome. Fast, great vocals, catchy, but who couldn’t love the artwork! One of the best cover arts ever in my opinion! It’s funny that people think that Pushead did it, even though it was Mark Zero.
    All I need to do now is find a cheap copy of “Insanity Is A Sane Reaction” on Ebay.

    P.S Was Sounds Of Nature originally pressed in the U.S or France?, because i think it says on a Pushead fan site that it was pressed in France.

  • guitarist Mike Scott was from Pleasanton-Fremont area. Drummer Todd Kramer was from Hayward.Ron Nichols bass player in later years was from Berkeley.C.O.P. played opening night of Berkeley’s 924 Gilman St. club New Years Eve in 1986.They played with Operation Ivy,Hell’s Kitchen, Special Forces,Crimpshrine, Beatnigs,Social Unrest, and other popular east bay bands of the time. Memories are fading but I know Todd had a brother named Mark who often did artwork for C.O.P’s records and fliers (other E.B. bands too) could that be zero? Malcom was doing sound at Fantasy records. As for the first singer, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe he is the Scary lead singer for the Hellbillys.Good times at the COP house on 19th&MLK.The punks in Germany must have loved the cover too,Mike and Todd spoke of seeing a mural of the album painted up the side of a punk squatter warehouse, about 20 feet high as I recall.My days with Mike are over. I am now married to Tim Stiletto,drummer from Fang,BonelessOnes,Grinch,Insaints and a gazillion other bands.

  • P.S. Ron the bass player went on to play in Grinch with my husband. Mike briefly played for Raskul, then hooked up with Little Rock’s Econochrist when they settled in the east bay.

  • I bought this record off some desperate punk trying to pay child support for like three dollars about ten years ago, and I remember being so fucking blown away by it, I dedicated a month to re-producing the cover (thank you, it was NOT by Pushead – my biggest influence illustration-wise) on the sleeve of my old leather. I’m pretty sure , though, that the “Isn’t Life A Dream?” EP came out first and has the original singer (sure as fuck sounds the same), and the original shit stomps all over the dark, moody, experimental, later-era Rudimentary Peni-style shit on the “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing” LP, which came out in ’87 or so. And I always thought they were from Berkeley proper but hey who cares. And by the way, a mint copy of the “Sounds Of Nature” record should be stolen from any asshole trying to charge more than $30 for it.

  • Noah Landis now plays in Everything Must Go! a great band out of Oakland and of course has been involved with Neurosis for many years since Christ On Parade went defunct. Ron plays in a great band called Hightone Son of a Bitch out of Oakland, fucking great stoner rock stuff. I believe Todd is currently playing with my friend Tim in the Shakin Nasties out of Bremen, Germany. Mike also lives in Bremen, I had the pleasure to hang out with him this most recent summer of 2004 and even got to jam with him, he is still one of the greatest bass players I have ever seen and a damn fine human being to boot. Mike has a band with his girlfriend but I forgot the name of them, I have heard good things though! There is a good chance that you might be able to catch some of these folks at the BOB Fest in Oakland this Summer 2005.

  • uhh, lori? wierd, here i am at work with nothing to do… yeah, todd’s playing in the shakin’ nasties, my band is the nitrous oxide wrestling club. A fine human being? well, i guess you were pretty drunk…
    have fun y’all, mike

  • uhh Mike? wierder!! Yeah I figured you guys would still be shakin your nasties!! Give Todd a big ol’ ass-kickin’,truck rollin’, East bay bear hug for me I miss him!!(you2Iguess!!lol)Hope you Crazed Beernutters are doing great. I dont get down to the bay much but Murray has a great pic website to check out Kate & the gang.Pat( grimple)has been living up here in Tahoe with his gal the last few months. Good to see and hear from old friends-Take care-Wierd Lori

  • Yes, COP’s original singer is now vocalist w. the Hellbillys, Barry Evans. Malcolm took up vocals after Barry left. The very talented Mark Zero is Mark Kramer, Todd’s brother. Mark also did the cover of Neurosis’ “Word As Law” album, among others.

  • heard about Christ On Parade from Thrasher Magazine’s Skate Rock #3 “Wild Rider’s of Boards”, a super good find for an old school punk tape if you can find it. Christ on Parade kick ass!

  • I have a copy of the Wild Riders of Boards- the two Christ on Parade tunes, “Don’t Draft Me” and “No Words” were never released elsewhere, correct? Was that the first singer? I, for one, loved “A Mind is a Terrible Thing” and was fortunate enough to get a copy of “Insanity…” a few years back. Saw “Sounds of Nature” at a vinyl store and didn’t pick it up, store closed up a few weeks after. Dumb on my part…

  • Dear Lori Stiletto,
    My name is Rodney from the Drinking Machines Guns and I have played with Tim Stiletto for the last two years. No need to slander my friend and bandmate. He believes in nothing but punk rock. We just finished a record called “Anarchy Won’t Pay the Rent.” Followed by a tour in May throughout the Midwest and West Coast. We appreciate your attention, but your negativity can kiss my anarchist ass. MEMO: Why use your name with his just to get into the punk rock scene? YOU TWO HAVE NOT BEEN TOGETHER FOR YEARS… GET A LIFE!
    Everyone else listen to the record. OI!!!!

  • yup Christ on Parade is good to listen to. I used to peep the band with Nerosis about a gazillion times at the gilman st joint. they played a show in s.j. with MDC. I miss C on P alot, i scored the green double rec. im stoked on that. lATER SUCKAZ. oH, listen to the rec. Sounds of Nature, buy it too, Ebay.

  • They made it to Europe too, I saw them in Newcastle in England aroun ’87/88….. That’s the best record for me ‘Sounds of Nature’, the songs they played off that record that night were great…

  • Does anyone have the song list from there first album. I’m jonesin’ to hear a song on it with the lyrics “…and a bought mind rots”. Please email me at

    Many thanks!

  • Great to see so many people talking about Christ on Parade.. great name and great band. They also played in Liverpool, England in about 87 I think, I remember writing a review for a German zine at the time. Still listen to sounds of nature now.. end of the month rent is due, tell the lanlord fuck you.. class.

  • I saw CoP play live in Twin Falls Idaho back in 86-87. Amazing show! They were and still are my favorite band. I now live and work in Finland, where I have actually met 2 Finns who own the Sounds of Nature album. Small world eh??

  • Yes Scary (Me, Barrie) was the origianl singer. I formed the band in I think late 85′.I was in a band Teenage warning with Noah. The band was riddled with people in the band who cared more for drugs than the band. i got sick of it and asked our old drummer Todd ( then in Traeson)andMike scott to join the band I was putting together. Malcolm was also in treason with Todd. I guess Treason was at a end. Origianlly it was Mark Kramer playing Bass.. or should i say asked to play Bass. He ended up not wanting to and i asked Malcolm to join that night at Tom Reeves fianal house party COP was formed. But we did not have a name as of yet. We started jamming at a dorm at UC Berkeley and at some point I think.. Malcolm came up with the name.. With the help of Pushead we put out the “Sounds of Nature” ep and that was pretty much it. As for my leaving the band it was a decision of the other band members. ( I was bummed out) I wanted to work it out and they did not. But Majority ruled and that was that. I did have the most fun ever in that band. We had great gigs and I have fond memories of playing with those guys. At this moment Neurot and Prank are co producing the COP double disc collection of the Sounds of nature ep plus a live show plus unreleased tracks due out in February. We will try to do short Euro Tour and maybe a few US shows with all original line up. if it happens it will be a blast..

  • Hey Tim. Do you know the Girl I think her name was Kink who video taped that show?? I never saw the video. It was for some music show she had on cable.

  • Treason had a song on the P.E.A.C.E. Comp which is rad cuz its a earlier version of a COP song that is on sounds of nature except it has a female singing the lyrics…

    Looking forward to the unrealeased material COP were awesome.

  • hey this is alarick of satanic baptism
    i got to see cop with fang at the
    knights of columbus hall in fresno
    in 86? one of the best fucking bands
    i’ve ever seen. i have the sounds of
    nature vinyl and if a cd is re-
    produced don’t fuck with their sound.
    one of my biggest influences to this

    enforcing the noise

  • hey barrie, what´s up? somebody should get in touch with todd and me so we can make arrangements to do the tour… the girl singing on the treason song was juliette, malcolm played bass on the song because tom (the bass player ) had a broken wrist, todd was drumming, and i was playing guitar.
    see y´all, mike

  • Mike !!!! We were trying to get in touch with you. We are planning the tour. Noah will e-mail you through your band Myspace page. Or e-mail me at mine. I think they were talking about april. we would come oput a week or so before and practice then do the tour. Hit me back. Barrie.

  • This is very awesome news… not to get my hopes up, but is there any way this tour will come to the East Coast, specifically, the Boston area?

  • Whatever we do is contingent on what everyone wants to do after the Euro tour and if Todd and Mike can get over here. I guess we will see what happens.

  • hey barrie, just one historical correction, i was playing in teenage warning, starting with you, todd, jim lyons and kevin reed, after tood quit, that guy keith started playing drums, and the end of that band wasn´t too far off…i don´t know the date, but i distinctly remember the gig at ruthie´s, that ended with your words ” teenage warning needs a new bass player!” aaah, the good old days! mike

  • It’s good to see everyone talking agin. Ha Ha. I can’t wait for US dates if some happen? I’m happy for you guys and it’s good to see all of the C.O.P. talk here, I’m sure you’ll all have a blast. The good old days is right Mike.

    Mike Ross

  • Yo Mike, I vaguely remember saying that Ruthie’s. i was pretty much Checked out by then. Sick of Kevin’s shit. As for C.O.P US dates. Gilman’s booker Jay wants us to do a 2 day set of shows with a different stacked bill each night. in late May. He said he can make sure we make enough on those 2 shows to pay for you and Todd’s airfare here. then we can play a few more dates in LA or Washington. We can relive the days of Todd wandering off in the middle of the night. Should be fun. i saw Mike ross and really made me fond of our days playing together. I always had fun with everyone. let’s do it.

  • Christ on Parade is the greatest hardcore band to ever surface in the states. Everything they put out was legendary. I have every record they ever printed. If they reunite it would be insane! I haven’t seen them for twenty years. It’s time for this talk to come to fruition. I think I’ll slap Sounds of Nature on my turntable right now.

  • FUck man I can’t wait!! We are opening for COP in Frankfurt!!! Then I am going to the gig in Belgium to see them with Negative Approach….what a weekend that will be……we opened for Noah’s band Everything Must Go on our US tour…..YOU GUYS RULE!!

  • As Barry said the Sounds of Nature CD/ LP is in production, Should be out April/ May. Features the Entire “Sounds of Nature ” EP , the skaterock tracks , the original unreleased version of “Isn’t life a Dream” and an unreleased Avengers Cover . CD will be on Neurot and the LP on Prank. THeir European Tour is 3 Weeks at the beginning of May.

  • We just got this @ Alternative Tentacles, I’m super-stoked about the re-issues and the upcoming shows! Jesse

  • P.S.- Saw Christ On Parade a couple times in their last months in 1989, including the aborted last show @ Gilman and the final last show @ Christ On Parade house.

  • Would that Avengers cover be The American In Me? They used to play it live alot. When is the Tour hitting the States?

  • Went to see Christ on Parade with Neg approach in Belgium, they were amazing, they also had a one of repress of the LP of 100

  • How did I stumble upon this site? I was trying to find out about Kirsten who committed suicide (which has to do with other things..)
    Hey Barrie, it’s Eugenia, friend of Bill Marlborough and ex Blondies employee from back in the 80s.
    Yeah…I remember seeing Christ on Parade at The Farm and hanging out with Tim (?) I believe he may have only been in the early years of the band. He put out a zine at that time, and we also went to a rendering plant in Oakland to take photos for an early ep. Does anyone remember New Method in Emeryville? I was fairly messed up in those days, but just the names Christ on Parade, The Sleepers or EconoChrist bring up memories from those times.


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